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On Wolves and Fairy Tale Monsters
   Thu Oct 05, 2017 2:53 am

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On Wolves and Fairy Tale Monsters

Permanent Linkby Ixtili on Thu Oct 05, 2017 2:53 am

Wolves can be cruel of course, like cats, like most predators, they'll kill even when they are not hungry. For territory, for practice, for fun. But a wolf is dumb, and it's cruelty is limited by that lack of intelligence, it cannot think very far ahead, cannot plan something truly complex. It does not realize the meat that it took, that the child it dragged off to feed its pups will soon be their undoing, all of their undoing. It does not understand what the cunning of a human mind does with the territorial instincts of an animal. If you kill one human, you are hunted, not for food, not for fur, not for fun, not for practice or sport, not even for revenge. Though many of these things inevitably leak over into what comes next.

You are killed, your pups are killed, wolves not of your pack are hunted, viciously, for the mere suspicion that somehow they might have developed a taste for human flesh. That they might have some inkling of repeating what has happened, of trying again, eat lest...

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Oh hey! More vorish scraps from my journal

Permanent Linkby Ixtili on Mon Dec 26, 2016 4:31 am

Actually contains vore rather than just the implication of pre-vore.

Glk, ulp, slp.
The girl sported a short almost boyish layered bob cut that was a deep bright scarlet, that had messily clung to her cheeks as the ravenous demoness had delightedly slid her jaws over her doomed meals head obscuring the girls pretty face, Sora’s deep blue eyes were wide and dazed as she felt herself being firmly swallowed. She did not know why this was happening to her or how to stop it, so far her every protest and struggle had only served to bring her further and deeper into the demons jaws. And now almost completely sealed up inside her demon friend she realized that she had no more time.
“N-no pl-please don-mmph!”
With a strong and deeply sensual gulp, Envy sealed the smaller girl’s fate, sending her cute meal down, down, down to meet the rest of herself crammed inside the demonesses’ stomach, which gurgled almost possessively as the disoriented, mortified and reluctantly flushed redhead w...

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Suddenly! A wild dialogue snatch appears!

Permanent Linkby Ixtili on Sat Nov 19, 2016 2:24 am

Here's an actual wild dialogue snatch, as opposed to the title just being blatant lies. It's from a notebook full of vore and some less fetishy story ideas (It really should be the other way around but that's a story for another day). That all go nowhere cause I'm either embarassed or too lazy to write more. Well I've decided that's kinda a stupid thing to keep doing so I figure I'd post some dialogue from one of these story brainstorms on the off chance someone comes along and has some advice. I'm not really looking for a beta or anything I'd go through more official channels if I was but if anyone should happen upon this and decide to give an opinion then I'd be pretty happy. Otherwise I'm just sort of putting it out somewhere just to be able to say it's somewhere else than a notebook that was SUPPOSED to cotain completely sex deficient story ideas and instead ended up containing pages of vore. ...

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Suddenly! A wild draft appeared!

Permanent Linkby Ixtili on Fri Apr 08, 2016 8:04 am

Warning: The following post contains lots and lots of self-deprecation. You may get whiplash and or flashbacks to that one friend in highschool who always brought themselves down and inevitabley dragged you down right along with em. Also no actual draft the title was a lie.

Okay so I think I've finally cracked my problem with writing vore, it turns out treating it like fetish writing was the problem. Apparently if I treat it like all my other writing: angsty inner monologues crammed full of mixed metaphors and no on screen interaction whatsoever, it comes alot easier. Granted this still leaves the weakness in my writing that I'd secretly hoped learning to write about my fetish would cure me of: a.k.a writing things as they bloody happen goddamn you.

But that's neither here nor there, the important thing to take away from this is that since now I've finally learned that the secret to sucess lies in giving up my dreams of expanding my horizons and sticking to what I'm good at like a...

[ Continued ]

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