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What the strongest cause for the male fairy's mating advantage?

Permanent Linkby Jacquelope on Mon Jun 03, 2019 10:29 pm

(An Imperishable Empire Universe blog post, since the title is too small for me to include that)

First, a recap: Homo Sapiens Sidhe, aka the fairy species, has a birth rate of 1 male (extremely optimistic case) per 6 females. Most colonies will see 1 male per 8 females or even a male:female ratio of 1 for 10. Naturally, on the surface, this hyper skewed ratio is seen as the main cause for why male fairies have a strong advantage in male selection. This superficial take is called the supply and demand analysis: there is an undersupply of males, so females who wish to procreate are on the competitor side of the equation.

Fairies are on the far end of the pair-bonding classification, with males and females mating for life, and even widowed male fairies being unlikely to mate again. (Male widowers grieve so hard that they usually just take off for parts unknown upon seeing the successful growth of their offspring, presumably to age and die.) Ignorant bloggers in the 25th century have classified...

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One of the best ways to start a fight with a male fairy.

Permanent Linkby Jacquelope on Mon Apr 22, 2019 5:47 am

Male fairies aren't given much to fighting, what with there being so many women that there's no need for competition. This cascades down from love to work, which is almost entirely voluntary since fairy society is extremely post-scarcity in nature.

But two things will get male fairies in a fighting mood:

The fastest way to get a ton of male fairies off their ass and into a vicious killing mood is the onset of a war, particularly one to defend their own land.

The other way to put a male fairy in a fighting mood? Usually it's an insult lobbed by humans: calling a male fairy an "Angler fish". Anyone care to guess why that leads to bar room level fisticuffs?

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Waaaaaaaaaagh! Uh Whaaaaaat?

Permanent Linkby Jacquelope on Tue Dec 04, 2018 1:13 pm

Someone asked me a long time ago if fairies were capable of a "waaaaagh". I was not yet fully familiar with this Warcraft 40K term, but I am a little more familiar now.

In the Imperishable Legacy universe, conflicts tend to be rated as the following:

Battle (which with the use of petaton and exaton weapons can be the start and end of a war) - A single fight between armed forces.

War - A protracted conflict consisting of many battles, though it may rarely consist of one.

Crusade - This is very much like a Waaaaagh. A Crusade is a term used by both the Bollars and fairy nations, and later Earth, to describe a series of wars. The Imperishable Empire's many failed efforts to conquer the Bollars fall under the example of a single, ongoing Crusade. The Imperishable Empire has destroyed and fragmented the Siluvaran Confederacy numerous times, only for the latter to reconstitute and become a major menace, forcing the Empire to start a new crusade, roughly every thousand years. The...

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The Bollar military is far more dangerous than they look

Permanent Linkby Jacquelope on Tue Dec 04, 2018 7:36 am

The Bollars, originating on a single planet hiding in a dark corner of the galaxy, began their starfaring adventure with man-eating fairies of the Imperishable Empire lurking just beyond the bok globule veil hiding their world. Fairies, all eager waiting to discover them and devour their entire species. Fairies, whose numbers defied their ability to comprehend. Fairies, whose technology and magic made them impossible to beat.

But the Bollars were far more dangerous than any fairy nation ever imagined. They just needed the right push, and a little luck, to make them into the empire they are now, and they got plenty of both motivation and luck. No one ever expected the Bollar military - because the Bollars always expect to be surprised. They live to prepare for the unknowable. The fairies were, for them, an Outside Context Problem, and they know what this kind of crisis is - and they are perpetually getting ready for the next one. That is what the Bollar military does: prepare for the next...

[ Continued ]

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Holy smokes... population growth math is unforgiving

Permanent Linkby Jacquelope on Wed Oct 24, 2018 11:26 pm

BETA BLOG - subject to revisions.

In a prevous blog I talked about the low birth rates for pureblood fairies. While a human male tends to make up to a staggering six children with three fairy wives, male fairies will, with the typical family structure of one man and three wives, typically procreate three children - one per woman.

Among pureblood fairies that means four parents and three kids. This is a recipe for a population implosion. Doing simple math, 1000*3/4 (3 kids from four parents), we get a population of 750. Fortunately, due to the potentially indefinite lifespan of fairies, this potentially means a population of 1750. Except... genetic diversity. It takes large degree of genetic separation for a fairy woman to do exo-symbiosis on someone else. That means if you're less than a 16th cousin or you're running into an ancestor/descendant 16 generations up or down the tree, it ain't gonna biologically happen; and...

[ Continued ]

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