Sorry about that.
I had an extended leave of absence, and didn't tell anyone where I went. I had a very close call with being found out, and had to lay low for a while and rethink my access strategy. At times, vore isn't worth the risk, especially since I would be thrown out of my family and likely never be able to talk to them again if I was spotted. They're fairly nice people, it's just their religion is harsh. Anywho, that is why I was gone, not that anyone noticed, since I can't get on much for this reason anyway. It leaves me lurking far more than I would like. I also can't leave much of a lasting impact since I'm not much of an artist, and I don't have too terribly much of a unique personality, so I tend to be a fairly forgettable individual. This is turning in a rant isn't it? Sorry this is getting so long. Just saying for future reference, that I won't be able to get on much. I just hope it doesn't come down to the point where I must give up this site entirely.
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