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- December 2017
It's aliiive
   Thu Dec 21, 2017 5:28 pm

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It's aliiive

Permanent Linkby Journeyman on Thu Dec 21, 2017 5:28 pm

Hi blog-watchers!

The update--it's here!

Freaking ton of new stuff in it--I've tested the heck out of it and I'm still scared to deatch. The newest update has 2 new dealers, Voice-acting for one of them, a rewards system, and downloadable content in the form of high-resolution wallpapers featuring dealer artwork. More details in the forum!

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Ultimate Blackjack: 107% Success!

Permanent Linkby Journeyman on Mon Nov 06, 2017 9:26 pm

Happy Mondayyy, blog-followers; good news for you! During the past week, a few more donations arrived towards paying off Malyna's artwork and Omaewamoshindeiru's voice acting. FUNDING GOAL MET!

What does this mean????

Well, means I've got some work to do. Traditionally, when a funding goal is met, I've had the updated game in your hands within 8 weeks. Definitely not a problem this time around. I've actually gotten quite a bunch done already, and I'm just working on a few little extras now. But it's not ready yet! A week? Maybe 2?

But also! Now there are two of them.
Yea, the character of Zaniah Cat, OC of Zalzas, has joined the casino in addition to Erika. This one was a generous addition, too--no extra charge for the artwork! (Or the writing, or the programming... ;D).

SO. 5 questions probably spring to mind immediately:

Q) Is this The End for Blackjack?
A) Yes!*
*However. There's still...

[ Continued ]

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Ultimate Blackjack: 89%

Permanent Linkby Journeyman on Wed Oct 25, 2017 6:16 pm

Hi bloggites!

As we sail past 89% funding and cruise rapidly towards 89.001%, I wanted to take a moment to supply an update!
No, no--not an updated game; a textual update about the game. Wooo Update, GO!

The game's next dealer is slated to be the adorable, ferocious little Erika, drawn by the talented Malyna here on the Portals of the Ekas. And also on Erika is a zany kinda character that we cooked up (figuratively) from Mal's tendency to draw ridiculously adorabibble characters who miiight be a bit too young to be let into casinos and my own fiendish interests in bold character designs, time paradoxes, and characters who surprise you with their day-jobs. The result: A Professor of Temporal Physics from a college near you--yes, specifically you--who spends her evenings working out probability maths. In a vore Casino. :gulp:

[ Continued ]

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Working on Erika, the next dealer!~

Permanent Linkby Journeyman on Wed Jul 05, 2017 8:47 pm

Heya faithful blog-followers!
Next dealer, Erika--drawn by Malyna--is 58% funded!!! What does that mean? I dunno. 58%?
But also, Maly has done artwork, and I'm doing some animatey effects and we're comparing notes, and I'm writing dialog, and we're exploring some new stuff that hasn't been done in the game before (more coding for meee!)

Just wanted to give y'all a heads-up that things are still progressing, though! Been working on an engine for another thingie, too, but that's on hold for a bit as I crunch some feature ideas for Blackjack :D

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Is it over?

Permanent Linkby Journeyman on Tue Aug 16, 2016 9:01 pm

Hi followers! If you're following me, then you're either very lost (restrooms are to the left) or you have an interest in the future of Ultimate Blackjack, the card game that eats you. If you were just lost, hopefully now you're interested, too. It's been a bit since I posted any dev stuff here or in the topic thread, and I haven't even punched any Trello cards in like a month, so you may be wondering, like someone just was over in the topic thread, whether development on the game is over and done with.

Best answer: It's complicated.

Let's explore, shall we? First, how we got where we are.
As you guys know, I ultimately shelled out about a thousand bucks to get this game rolling. Artwork costs money! My commitment has always been that I would continue to expand the game as long as the community was interested enough to help out financially with future additions. I did not (and do not) intend to make back the money i personally invested; I'm just ensuring that I don't go bankrupt tossing...

[ Continued ]
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