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More stuff added!

Permanent Linkby Leshana on Thu Jun 08, 2006 1:55 pm

A lot of stuff have been added to the chat, and as usual. Leshana have been hard at work!

First thing first, the most noticable would be those little arrow in front of each user name's on the user list. When clicked, it will highlight that person's post in the chat for you, along with sound assistant to help catches your attention.

Also added, an Ajax style Private log viewer so you can view your log. So you won't have worry that you missed private message from now!

Also, indicator showing how much private message and public message there are. Try and keep those number on the public side please! ^^

beside these, we also added some management tools, those will be for the staffs only.

Stays tunned, more developement are still in the work! And please, thanks Leshana by eating her! *snickers*

And as always, please give us as much comments as possible!

Oh and, for past log of our developement, [u][url=]please click here[/url][/u]

Look, I have a new avatar!
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