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Flockdraw session

Permanent Linkby Nitro_Titan on Wed Jul 25, 2012 2:46 pm

If you guys want, we can draw together in this browser app.
Room : 777
Just enter your name, write in the room name and draw what you want!

-Try and respect other people and their drawings and just have fun, it's just a drawin thing' :D
-I'd prefer if you didn't be an asshole, please.
-Just testin' if anyone wants to draw in it.

-You can use the text option and just hover, you don't have to click for people to see your dialogue.

Wanna see my art and flash animations?

Want more?
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Re: Flockdraw session

Permanent Linkby LillyTheLovely on Wed Jul 25, 2012 4:25 pm

I like how ya do live sessions for your fans. <3
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Re: Flockdraw session

Permanent Linkby Bright on Wed Jul 25, 2012 5:03 pm

Uhm...oh right, probably too late.
Oh well.

I remember Eka people used to do Flockdraw until trolls appeared and began drawing a lot of penises.
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