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- February 2018
Rent debt fully payed, huge thank you
   Fri Feb 02, 2018 6:54 pm

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Rent debt fully payed, huge thank you

Permanent Linkby MirceaKitsune on Fri Feb 02, 2018 6:54 pm

So here is some positive news for a change. Over the past few months and years, I've dealt with enough disappointment to stop believing that anything good could ever be possible for me again... yet something amazing and unexpected recently happened, that I really wouldn't have anticipated and didn't see coming.

After posting a photo roughly two weeks ago, showing my apartment on the public debt list of our block, several people jumped in to help. One of them made the amazing donation of 500$, whereas another person made the also amazing donation of 100$. Combined, they were just enough to cover this debt and bring us back to zero... something we haven't been able to do in over 3 years if I remember correctly.

Other than a huge "thank you", I really don't know what to say. Seriously... that was amazing! I understand it must have been hard for folks to offer such a large sum, especially to someone they don't even know that well personally... I can at least assure you that you've...

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New Patreon goals: Art / render sources & game demos

Permanent Linkby MirceaKitsune on Sat Jan 27, 2018 5:56 pm

I've finished the last major Patreon change I had planned for the month. I was going to work on better descriptions as well, but found myself too busy to have the time for that one. Next month I should have new sneak peak screenshots of yet more projects, as well as a status update on my situation once I'm sure everything is clear.

My Patreon now has two ongoing goals, meaning their rewards are offered for as long as the goal remains reached: While I'm over 400$, I'll be additionally uploading art and animation sources for Gimp and Blender... and while I'm over 600$, I will be offering whole game demos for small games if they aren't already hosted on a public Git repository. So far I've never published actual sources and demos (excluding Git), only screenshots and information about projects in the making... I ultimately decided it would be best to use permanent goals for this purpose. Some sources and demos will only be available to specific tiers, whereas others will be posted publicly......

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European Union goes to war against the open internet

Permanent Linkby MirceaKitsune on Wed Jan 10, 2018 10:35 am

As the world descends further and further into tyranny and madness, I continue asking myself what I can and should do to end this insanity. Germany and with it the European Union are coming after the internet: Germany just passed a law known as NetzDG, by which the state can fine social media into silencing whatever speech the state deems illegal... censorship has already spun out of control there in a matter of days, with websites now censoring users for parody out of fear of being punished. The EU wishes to do the same thing, and yesterday had a meeting with social media representatives demanding faster and more efficient censorship.

I do not wish to alarm anyone. But I'm reaching the point where thoughts are going through my head... that people should normally not have to consider. Even if I somehow had the tools, I doubt I would ever harm anyone else, be it a politician I don't like... nor would I wish to be presented as a monster to the world, which would also paint a bad image on...

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Patreon situation update, plans for January

Permanent Linkby MirceaKitsune on Thu Jan 04, 2018 9:59 am

I'll start with a quick situation update: For reasons still unknown to me, I continue losing more and more patrons each month. I'm down from $400 to almost $200 at this point. Part of me wants to say "fuck it" at this stage and stop even trying, as it seems nothing I do matters to anyone. This hasn't yet happened so don't worry... slowly but surely I continue working on various projects which I'll hopefully have sneak peaks of soon. All in all, me and my mother are at the point where we'll no longer be able to buy food in favor of paying bills and the rent: I logically don't see how we're going to stay alive for long, but honestly I've reached the point where I can't be bothered to even care (at least in my case).

The situation implies I need to make some changes fast. I've decided to dedicate this January for the task. I am of course still working on games and animations as always, but will be taking some of that time for this during the course of the month. The modifications...

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Artificial Intelligence: The baddest hoax in modern history

Permanent Linkby MirceaKitsune on Thu Dec 21, 2017 4:35 pm

Over the years I've dealt with a good amount of crazy. I've seen more shit in nearly 3 decades than I imagined I could in 10 lifetimes, as far as sheer human madness is concerned. In the last few years it has rapidly gotten worse, and recently it seems to have reached new unprecedented heights.

In this episode, it's my displeasure to present to you the sentient computer... A.K.A. machine learning, A.K.A. artificial intelligence. No folks we aren't talking about a physical electronic brain... which may actually be possible one day, once scientists figure out how to reconstruct all neurons in the human brain and map them to a circuit of quantum bits. We're talking classic binary code running on your average 64 bit processor (C++ / Java / Whatever) which is supposedly capable of sentient processes... most notably recognizing the meanings and circumstances of objects in photos, up to facial recognition within complex images. Said functionality is supposedly achieved, I fucking kid you not,...

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