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Surprise Project - Final announcement available on Patreon

Permanent Linkby MirceaKitsune on Sat Jun 16, 2018 8:03 am

Just a heads up to let everyone know that the final announcement for my new game / mod has just been published. Go to the following link for more information and installation instructions:

The post is available to the $1 tier until the end of the month, after which I will repost it publicly for everyone else as promised. Keep in mind that the game itself is already openly available... if you want to install it on your own for the time being, you can find it in my repositories on my Github profile; I just won't talk about it as much outside of the Patreon post until later this month.

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Struggling in between Youtube and hardware issues

Permanent Linkby MirceaKitsune on Sun Jun 03, 2018 1:54 pm

May and June have seen a series of unforeseen circumstances, which have unfortunately affected my workflow and continue to have a major impact today. Although I'm moving forward, I've been much slower last month as most of you could probably tell from my lack of updates... unfortunately this month will also remain slower than the usual. I'm currently trapped between two major issues: Youtube nearly deleting my channel and essentially forbidding animation on the platform, and a computer problem forcing me to buy new hardware from our food money. I'll describe both to be sure everyone understands the situation:

  • Youtube:

As you may remember from last month, I had to take my animations down from Youtube and make my entire channel private for 3 months as a precaution. What exactly happened remains unclear; All we know is that Youtube went insane and started randomly deleting the videos of small animation channels, accusing artists...

[ Continued ]

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Animations taken down in wake of Youtube persecution

Permanent Linkby MirceaKitsune on Mon May 14, 2018 5:14 pm

I don't want to dive into too much detail right now, since I'm honestly feeling too sick to even discuss the subject. As this affects my watchers as well I felt at least a notification is in order.

As of the last few weeks, Youtube has began a new rampage against content creators on its platform, randomly deleting videos from smaller channels and punishing them with strikes. The issue seems to have reached unprecedented heights this time: Even segments of cartoons that have aired on kids television are being deleted under the hallucinating excuse that they're violent and / or sexual. If you appeal such decisions and tell Youtube they've made a mistake, either your appeal is rejected or you are punished with a strike (if you weren't already) for daring to contest them. We suspect it's either some recent algorithm change, or Youtube has given trolls and lunatics access to their moderation tools entirely... whatever the case it's greatly harmed a lot of artists in a matter of days, with many...

[ Continued ]

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RED ALERT for Net Neutrality

Permanent Linkby MirceaKitsune on Mon May 14, 2018 4:40 am

In only two days from now, the Senate is expected to vote on the CRA to block the FCC's repeal and restore Net Neutrality for everyone. EFF & friends are undergoing another massive effort to spread the word and mobilize the web. If you believe an uncensored internet matters, please call your constituent and tell them to support NetNeutrality this week, then spread the word to your friends so that they may do so as well!

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Updated download link for Vore Tournament 2.0.0

Permanent Linkby MirceaKitsune on Sat Apr 21, 2018 3:36 pm

An important PSA for everyone trying to run Vore Tournament 2.0.0. Due to changes to how GitLab works, the download link mentioned in the announcement post is no longer valid: It will now download the latest Master version rather than the 2.0.0 tag, which is no longer compatible with Xonotic 0.8.2 due to updated config files! Please download VT 2.0.0 from this link instead: ...

The rest of the process remains unchanged: Unpack this archive, make sure the base folder it extracts to is named data_voretournament, drop it in the Xonotic root directory next to the data folder, and run xonotic with the required parameters as "xonotic.exe -customgamedirname2 data_voretournament".

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