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This nightmare is almost true... (My real short story)

Permanent Linkby NyaatoShiroi on Sun Sep 08, 2019 5:30 am

Yesteday, in Sep 7th, i am got nightmare, where i am got "Vietnam flashbacks and trigger" about March story... Eh... i am has happy, if this nightmare is NOT TRUE again...

I am got some highest hypertenision in my life (heart rhythm is 96 (!) probably 170 or higher), due of this, mom ALWAYS BLAMES me because i am overdo wasting time on my laptop and being lazy and ignorant, and shouting at me and calling me "useless". My body is shaking and i am want very much to cry, this is TOO MUCH for me... STOP IT NOW! I am currently limitized and in depression... So i am not sure when i am can settle things now...

Seriously, what a fuck happening to me lately, huh? This is more and more dumber... Ughh... Okay, good luck to me.

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Baku is too hot! (Draw/art hiatus)

Permanent Linkby NyaatoShiroi on Sat Aug 24, 2019 12:11 pm

Arrrrggggghhhh~~!! This is 4th or 6th day, in fucking hotnesss, its feels like worse than hell, my hands and feet are burning, my breath is hard, and i am fucking thristy and EVEN CANNOT SLEEP BECAUSE OF THIS WEATHER, NOR EVEN COLD SHOWER REFRESHED ME!!!

Damn it, thats why i am less active! Sorry, but its truth...

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My silence is over... (My short story)

Permanent Linkby NyaatoShiroi on Thu Jul 18, 2019 3:17 am

March 2019....

Its happened to me, my mother has found out my draws, NSFW sketches, and she forced me to burn em...
I am tried to rescue them, but its impossible... My weaknest point is my main hobby...
I am awfully, and strongly traumatized, this is worst moment ever. Now i am never forgive her due of this, never, no expections.

Because.... how much those assholes in RL disrespected and too deaf/dumb to hear... Its worse than internet trolls.
Now i am hide saved ones, due of trauma and strongest fear. And hate. Because this is too much for me.
No one except internet-friends are understand. This is saddening. I am has too much tears and even almost paralyzed my face, this is most painful i am ever feel. THIS IS MY MAIN TO CALM DOWN AND SAVE EM, but they are never understand...

Now, i am still in trauma. This is endless trigger. NM.

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Bad day and moments

Permanent Linkby NyaatoShiroi on Fri Jul 12, 2019 12:41 pm

My earphones are broken due of my mistakes and my laptop battery is 20% weaker now, its sucks!

I am need new ones and....laptop? H E C K. C U R S E M Y S E L F.

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HBD to ME!

Permanent Linkby NyaatoShiroi on Fri Jul 05, 2019 2:46 pm

My birbday is coming!

Okay, i am born in Jul.6th, so thats why~

My best gift is someone with me at least because i am friendly, but still very anxious due of my weirdness.
And chatting/RPing with me! If you want to draw gift for me, just ask me~

Thanks to someone who commented to me~ I AM LIEK DAT, LULZ!
And yes, my persona is currently slimesona, he has nor gender, he even doesnt know what age is, but he is legal now, i am think, but still...

Heh, okay, write that later. Thanks and have a good day!

- N.M.
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