Its' Back!!!!! It's back from the dead!!!!

Holy Shit!!##!# (trigger LumpySpace Princess Voice) : Oh oh oh oh Oh My Gosh!!!! Its back!!!!

Damn for those who don't know yet Vore High is back!!!

If you aren't aware Vore High was an Interactive Vore story originally on originally it was owned the writer hungrykitten I believe. She disappered and the story was deleted from and I like so many others was greatly saddened by this because that wa simply the best interactive Vore story ever and now I found it here on Eka's . Yes :D :gulp: :gulp: :D fortunately I remember some of my favorite chapters so I'll be filling them in where I can and adding some things of my own creativity in the mix ;).

I wish my old Iphone hadn't broken because I have some of the original chapters saved on the notepad app of that phone. Oh well can't win em all can you?!

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Please Pay Attention!!!!!

Permanent Link by PhantomWolf on Wed Aug 28, 2019 6:15 pm

Whoa ok (claps hands together and sighs). This is going somewhat difficult but I feel it MUST be done.

*sighs* its been recently brought to my attention that many users are leaving Eka's Portal due to issues involving underage/child content.

I know , I know, it may seem like I'm opening a can of worms but this is immensely important. Like Code Red level importance apparently a artist hear on Eka's reported some underage content and the matter wasn't handled to that user's satisfaction and now they are leaving Eka's and that decision influenced ANOTHER user to basically depart as well. One that has been here far longer than I have.

Thats concerning people.

While I myself have no intention of Leaving Eka's (at least not right now nor anytime soon) I felt the need to voice my opinion on this matter.

As the "IRL" son of a lawyer I can tell you that the issue of child pornography is a serious matter.

I write this blog entry now mainly towards the admins of this site. I'm...

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Rolling, rolling, rolling

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What's up everyone Phantomwolf here hoping you're all well.

So I'm sure by now everyone is aware that I'm posting more frequently than I have in the past.

That's because current I'm between jobs and honestly I'm loving it. It won't be forever bills s don't stop. But heck I needed a little vacation anyway.

Anyway moving forward I'll have more time to write and some of you have already requested stories. And surely many more will. I've no problem accepting requests (not right now exactly) but keep in mind a few things; 1. I reserve the right to refuse any requests.

2. If I'm doing for free I'm going to do it at my own leisure so you MUST be patient.

3. I'm a wolf of my word but RL happens as I'm sure you are all aware so please try not to dm me every other day about requests.

And finally 4; here are the rules for requests which I've also posted on my commission status.

Rules for Requests

1.No Hard Vore

(Not gonna happen EVER!!! Don't ask!)

2.No Anal vore
(No offense...

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To the troll or Trolls

Permanent Link by PhantomWolf on Mon Jul 22, 2019 9:01 pm

Ok who the [email protected]# is the prick that keeps "proposing" all these tags on my damn stories?!

If you have an issue with how I tag my stories grow a pair and PM me otherwise cut it out!

I'm not going to tolerate that every time I post a new story

I'm Still here

Permanent Link by PhantomWolf on Mon Mar 25, 2019 7:02 pm

I have returned!!

Yes I am alive

Hello everyone I'm back from my hiatus

Despite being absentee I've been in the "loop"

So apparently around the same time Tumblr went belly-up someone targeted Eka's portal and know we can no longer upload anything with underage material.

I notice one of my stories is gone.

Pity as that was one of my favorites and I only used the tag "underage" as a slight technicality both pred and prey in that story were over age limit.

Eh C'est La Vie I'll just upload it again without the tags

I also am aware of the server transition

I'd like to ask some questions of Eka administrator as to who specifically targeted the website.

Personally I would have told them to go [email protected]#$ themselves!

For those I'm working on stories for DM me as I haven't been writing in A LOOONG time!

Life was been difficult towards the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019. Please try to empathize and understand life has a rollercoaster of drama and chaos...

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Let me Explain

Permanent Link by PhantomWolf on Fri Apr 27, 2018 6:00 pm

Greetings to all hope everyone is well. Now some of you have obviously noticed I've been absentee for a while and after touching base with another whom I'm writing a story with/for I decided to tell all whom it may concern about what I've been going through and why some of you have had to wait on stories you requested.

Now towards the end of 2017 I was working in failing restaurant making a nickel and dime salary while also living in a poverty stained city. Being in financial debt plus living with a hostile family member added to my stress not to mention this ongoing legal cass I've been dealing with ever since an auto accident in 2014.

Also near the end of 2017 I was conctacted by my godfather is ij actuality my adoptive father because he is the one who raised me so I hindsigh hes more a dad than my biological father ever was.

Anyhoo he offered me the chance to come work and live with him at his factory job in another state. Hence why I mentioned moving in my previous blog.


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