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Permanent Linkby Plinko on Mon Jan 25, 2016 12:44 pm

Hello peeps, likely going to keep this journal rather short being I am up to my eyeballs in junk I need to get done (Procrastinators procrastinate :P)

Anyway, for all of you who do not know I am a reservist in the United States Air Force IRL, and recently I have been selected to take on an active duty assignment that will likely keep me very busy in the next six months or so. With that being said, it should come with no surprise that I will not have the time to do really anything anymore other than work, work and more work, plus now I will be living in a dorm with two or three more people and I really do not feel comfortable exposing my art to a bunch of strangers in the military, especially ones who will likely haze me for the things I like drawing... So from this moment on I will be taking a leave of absence until I return, which should be somewhere around August or September. (Around that time I might...

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Sorry guys for being so silent.

Permanent Linkby Plinko on Fri Nov 13, 2015 3:15 pm

I really am not sure if I have really a following here being I literally just made my account and made only a handful drawings, if you do consider yourself a 'diehard follower', well then thank you~

I might as well make a quick explanation for my lack of activity as of late, recently I have been going through some financial hardship thanks to some horseshit caused by some hot-head supervisor at my last job, long story short I told him to basically go fuck himself and I resigned to a position that pays almost half of what I originally made and doesn't have nearly the hours that I need, however despite that I am in a much better place emotionally with the job I have now, so I guess it was worth the sacrifice.

Another thing that is going on is I cannot seem to get passed myself when it comes to drawing, I am constantly flooded with a rather negative aura when I either think of putting something together or when I draw something. Thoughts like "This sucks, who is going to want to watch...

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