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Life changes
   Fri Aug 30, 2019 4:44 am

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Life changes

Permanent Linkby R_U_Snacksize on Fri Aug 30, 2019 4:44 am

So years ago I injured my ankle, sprain and nothing too serious. But stupid teen-aged me was too testosterone fueled to take it easy and played football, kick boxed, etc and made it worse.
After eventually being physically forced to stop and rehabbing it, it eventually healed.

Another injury to the same ankle but worse than the first time. Torn tendons. Surgery required. Once again stupid me did not follow doctor's orders and overdid it.

Then a third injury to the same ankle, worse than previous screw ups. Three tendons torn again, two that had been torn earlier and surgically repaired and another one. But this time the knee and calf were injured as well. So what did I do?
Walk on it and try to avoid the doctors for months. Probably why it became so bad.

So basically since December until recently prescription pain medications.

After so long of injury and treatment history life activities are changing. Depending on physical therapy results either I will be here WAY more or much...

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WTF is wrong with people

Permanent Linkby R_U_Snacksize on Mon Dec 24, 2012 9:15 am

Just need to vent a little.

6 am Mon Dec 24th I start setting up a few folding tables to place various items that are FREE giveaways for a charity. After spending all weekend going through more than 3 pick up truck loads of items and inspecting them and cleaning anything that needed cleaned I was looking forward to manning the station and hopefully making someone's Christmas a little better this year.

8 am the FREE giveaway starts. About 8:05 am a NEW Lexus pulls up, double parks blocking traffic ( less than 25 feet from an EMPTY parking area with room for 15 or so cars ) and a rather well dressed lady steps out. I already have a bad feeling this will be irritating. She has more gold hanging off her than most people in this town earn in a year and is ever so carefully picking through everything. When she gets to the clothes she complains to me that nothing is brand new with the tags and receipts with them so how could she return them to the store to get cash! When I ask her to slow...

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Are all work places like this?

Permanent Linkby R_U_Snacksize on Wed Dec 21, 2011 10:30 am

After working for the same company at the same location for 12 years one might think they were not still considered a new person and outsider. My 1st work department was great, everyone got along and helped each other but after 2 years the department was moved to the Canadian offices. The 2nd work assignment was ok but some there kept saying ohh you're one of the X people ( X being the department that was transfered ). After 3 YEARS of working in the 2nd area and still some of them calling us X people many left the company or at least that area. Now in my 3rd work group for 7 years and being the 1st person to have my assignment in the expansion part of the group I am the last person from the original department still here. And I am still called an X person since everyone else in the group has only worked in this area and never did any other jobs for the company. Some have been there from the original start up 9 years ago, most were hired 4 years ago. But it is like some inbred family...

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Life sucks but what else is there

Permanent Linkby R_U_Snacksize on Sat May 14, 2011 12:58 am

How can life get so screwed up? No matter what is said or done, it is never correct. Some days it seems the entire universe is out to get me. And today will be worse than usual, in a few hours it will be exactly one year since my dad died. I was the last person in the family to see him alive and half of them blame me for not doing enough. Three seperate hospitals could not help him, but it was all my fault somehow. If I had done this or not done that they said as they landed like vultures at his house and took everything they could. After clearing his bank account and taking all of the property, none of them could even help pay for the funeral. I know some will be there today, but I must go, I promised him I would be there and to share a glass of his favorite cognac with him. I wish our positions were reversed.

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