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How I Got Started

Permanent Linkby RealZikik on Thu Feb 22, 2018 1:56 pm

Back when I first started making vore content, I didn’t know that I would end up more popular for stuff like this than for anything else. I’ve put out a lot of non-vore content on other accounts which I will not be linking since I want my fetish to be secret from the people that actually do view this content. I wasn’t always interested in making vore content. At first, I just wanted to view or read whatever other people had made.

Late 2014, I started getting some ideas in my head. Most of these never left my head though. However, one of them I started typing up on deviantArt rather than typing it before uploading. I definitely learned from that experience because I didn’t know what happened to the story after that and thought I lost it. I found it somewhere with my deviantArt stuff eventually and uploaded it.

However, that wasn’t the first story I ever uploaded. In spring 2015, I had a friend staying over at my house. It was late at night and everyone had gone to bed. That night, I randomly had a vore thought involving Ace Attorney characters. I saw Ema Skye with Apollo Justice in her belly digesting. I even saw a caption in my mind which would end up being one of the line’s in the story. The next day, late at night, I was on my computer and I opened up notepad. I had adjusted the window so that I could only see a few lines at a time because I felt it would make it easier to hide what I was doing from the people I lived with.

It didn’t take too long to finish “Ema’s Experiment” which I immediately posted to deviantArt. But I felt like that wasn’t enough and was still in the mood to write several more. I wrote four more stories that day, uploading each right after I finished. The next day, I got on and saw I got several notifications (more than I ever got on my non-vore deviantArt at the time). And then for a few days, I was posting several stories a day and then I took a break. After I started having some time between posts and whenever I did post something, I would put multiple out on the same day.

This kept going for a while, with a lot of vore fanfiction and some original works too. The main reason I even started making vore content was because not a whole lot of people were making the kind of vore content I wanted to see. I like willing prey but the majority of vore content online is unwilling prey. Different series that I’m into such as Ace Attorney next to nothing when it came to vore, so I decided to contribute. I wrote stuff for Ace Attorney, Professor Layton, their crossover, and RWBY.

Before I knew it, I was getting a ton of attention as a vore writer and even more when I decided to post videos on YouTube. My YouTube channel I started with a friend of mine but he’s stepped down due to personal reasons. But what’s important here is the content of that channel. I started off by posting something I was working on called the “Ace Attorney Vore Game”. Not a whole lot of progress was made, but videos are on YouTube showing what kind of vore interactions I was planning to have.

What’s interesting though is that the first video I uploaded to this channel was unwilling prey. After a while the channel became more than just showing off stuff I made. We ended posting footage of vore scenes from several vore games on Eka’s. The first was Mysta’s Voredate and then some time after that several videos from Myst Adventure were posted. The channel got several subscribers after this. We ended up seeing that the channel was working and people were watching so we kept playing vore games and posting videos showing their vore scenes.

I ended up introducing people to several vore games through my channel and some of these games were added to the playable vore games thread on Eka’s Portal after uploading their scenes to my channel. I would every now and then run into points where I didn’t know what to play for my channel so I would search for something new or something that had been buried in the Eka’s Portal forums and not added to the vore games thread. I found some of these games by spending a good chunk of time looking through old posts and every now and then I was lucky to find something new.

If I couldn’t find anything new to play that I really wanted to play, I’d like through my files on my computer and consider recording scenes from my own projects. To this day, none of them have ever been finished and I don’t have access to any of their files anymore. After making vore content for a while, I wasn’t feeling like making that kind of content anymore because I just wanted to view it. I’d still play and record vore games but I wasn’t making any stories.

After making vore stories for a while I just wanted to improve myself so I started getting more descriptive most of the time I felt I really needed to. Unfortunately, being more detailed did cause some problems for me. Well, it was good that I was trying to improve the quality I started feeling even more turned on when writing. From the beginning, I’ve always felt turned on while making vore content when I got to the action that is the point of the story but it felt like a little too much at one point, so I could only write one or barely write one at a time.

I eventually stopped uploading the stories immediately after I wrote them and started storing them on deviantArt, to be posted at later date. Some stories would go out months after they were written and others would go out more than a year after it was originally written. The stories “Dinner For Mom” and “Special Christmas Dinner” were actually written some time in 2016 and didn’t get published until the next year. I still have a few from that year that haven’t been published because they need a bit more work. I wrote a few stories last year that have been stored there as well. Some are complete (I uploaded a few the other day) and others still need some work (for example, several Ace Attorney ideas still need to be worked on).

Like I said, I ended up feeling a bit too turned on so the past couple of years, especially last year, the amount of content I’ve put out decreased. I’m sure I’ll continue to go up and down every now and then. Recently, I actually got motivated enough to write and wrote several stories yesterday which are now being stored so they can be published at a later date. I ended up with ideas for other series that I’m into so you should expect some of those soon.
I don’t know if I’ll be able to pull it off but I’ll try to be more active this year with more content. I don’t know how active I’ll be, but I’ll try to put out several stories, with their publish dates spread apart. These ones weren’t written in notepad like my earlier stories were. I actually typed them all up in Google Docs, which makes it easier for me to see how much I’ve written so I’ll probably keep doing that from now on.

I’m sure that when I started a lot of people probably knew me as the guy that wrote a ton of Ace Attorney vore and I’m definitely not done with that. Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve got several ideas that have been in my head for a while and I’ll try to get as many out this year as I can. However, after this year I’d like to move away from Ace Attorney and start doing other franchises more. I’m interested in writing for games and shows I used to write stories for but stopped writing for a while ago.

During my “absence” from writing, I remembered why I started writing these in the first place. I hardly doing unwilling prey, because I prefer willing. I wanted to see certain characters and franchises in vore scenarios but people weren’t really making the kind of content I wanted to see. I strongly believe that if you want a specific type of content you should just make it yourself (or you can pay someone to do it; I know some of you do that).

The relationships between the characters in the stories I’ve always felt was important. For me, the closer the predator and prey are too each other, the better. I’ve done a lot of stories between good friends, siblings, and even some parent/child stories. Sister and mother vore aren’t way too uncommon, but most of the time the prey in those situations has been unwilling so I wrote stories like that to fit my own tastes. I never saw a whole lot of father/daughter vore before I started writing so I made some of my own and I’m sure I’ll make more in the future.

I’ve probably gone on long enough about why I make vore stories in the first place. I just thought it would be good to post a bit about my history in the vore community. I’m sure some of you know me from deviantArt. I only joined Eka’s last year and transferred several stories over (not all). I used to just look at content on this site without an account and one day I decided it might be a good idea to join and I actually like it here. That’s all I’m going to say here. I just want you all to know that I’ve got more stuff coming and I’ll try to post a bit more often than I used to.

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