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- January 2016
Role Playing Stuff
   Wed Jan 20, 2016 3:27 pm

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Role Playing Stuff

Permanent Linkby Rhysion on Wed Jan 20, 2016 3:27 pm

Less of an ad and more of an information thing, this is mostly just what enjoy and look for in role playing without taking up my whole userpage.

I'm mostly a pred. My desire to play prey on occasion is mostly a mixing-it-up kind of thing.

I'll play with all genders, and most species. The ones I don't tend to like are angels/devils, undead, machines, plants, and morphic/liquid things. Anthros, humans, animals, and such are fine!

I tend to play mostly dominant or non-consensual stuff, although this is more because that's what I see a lot of others as wanting. I'm just as capable as being big and cuddly if you'd prefer.

I love size-difference, even outside of vore. Same-size vore doesn't appeal to me because of the hugely unrealistic stretching thing, and that's really the only reason. Ordinary interactions and sex are fine as the same size, just not vore.

I'm actually very easy to please in a play. Outside of being rude to me, the player, I'm fine with nearly all simple scenes and...

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