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I don't finish my projects, and the world suffers for it.

Permanent Linkby SDmanical on Mon Nov 14, 2011 12:43 am

Ok, so, I just feel like talking about this even though I had intended to keep it secret until it was done.

For about a month I've been working on a vore text adventure game (a real text adventure game; not another poorly phrased one), but recently, I've just dropped off and stopped working on it.

It's annoying because I've already done 95% of the programming. All I have left is a bunch of writing, which I thought would be really easy, but is getting extremely repetitive and boring for me to do. If I wanted to I could cut out some of the content to make less work for me but that feels like an even worse idea. I feel like maybe I focused on too narrow a category for the game (there's only one predator, and it's all macro/micro oral stuff) but branching out into multiple predators and prey with multiple types of vore would have literally exponentialized the amount of writing I'd need to do to complete it, and that would have landed me back at square one.

So I just don't really know what to do. I've thought about recruiting other writers, but since I had wanted this to be my project; not a collaboration, and I don't know where I'd find anyone willing to join in who would be good enough, could fit into the constraints, and wouldn't mind me editing the shit out of everything they write. I don't want to release a half-finished version, either, as I don't want to blend into the mass crowd of shoddy programmers who never finish anything cool.

So, yeah, just had to get that off my chest. Leave me encouraging comments or something. Or if you're like the superman of writing and you want to write some ~500 word vore or smut segments* then I guess it wouldn't kill me to have some help, too.

*those who dislike micros, furries, female preds, soft (or hard) oral vore, sexual massages and licking, teasing, slavery, or anything related need not apply. Fairly vanilla.

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Re: I don't finish my projects, and the world suffers for it.

Permanent Linkby Bright on Mon Nov 14, 2011 5:02 am

<Waves a cheering flag>
"Go go go! You can do it!"
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