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- October 2017
You ready for the skeleton wars? (Stream now Offline)
   Sat Oct 28, 2017 10:58 am
Halloween Spooky-Stream - Offline
   Sat Oct 14, 2017 11:13 am

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You ready for the skeleton wars? (Stream now Offline)

Permanent Linkby Scaylid00d on Sat Oct 28, 2017 10:58 am

It's nearly Halloween, guys! You know the most effective way of leaving a spooky pile of bones? VORE! That's what I'll be indulging in once again, in today's show <3

Please feel welcome to join in! I'll be working on a fun personal project I've kept on ice for a while.
If time allows for it, I'll be working on more than one project :Db

EDIT: Huge thanks for joining the show, I had a lot of fun o3o Streamed for like 8 and a half hours, but again it was totally worth it :zombie:
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Halloween Spooky-Stream - Offline

Permanent Linkby Scaylid00d on Sat Oct 14, 2017 11:13 am

Today's show is more casual than usual, and I'll be doing something appropriately bewitching for Halloween ;D/

Edit: Thanks to everyone for joining me again today, it was oodles of fun!
Last edited by Scaylid00d on Sat Oct 14, 2017 7:21 pm, edited 1 time in total.

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Patreon Request Stream is Up and Running c:

Permanent Linkby Scaylid00d on Sat Sep 16, 2017 11:06 am

Lots of bulges in store...! e3e~

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Streaming Next Weekend, Sept 16th, 16:00 GMT!

Permanent Linkby Scaylid00d on Fri Sep 08, 2017 3:54 pm

Hello! :3 The next Patreon Stream will be happening next weekend instead of this one. I felt postponing by a week was ultimately necessary, to get caught up on all the pending stream drawings.

Right now, the drawings still left to upload are those for Svartvinge, UptNcro, Ascii and SeraphimKitsune, in that order \030/ Luckily, some of these are deliciously close to completion.
I'll be working through these four projects this weekend. My goal is to get them finished AND uploaded with descriptions, tags and all. That's the objective, so the next time I do a show for you guys, there isn't such a long wait between me doing a pic, and the requester only seeing it like a month or more later >.<;

There's a nice mix of lewd genres coming up in these projects, namely bdsm, size-difference, tail-vore, and of course cooking, in no particular order~ >;P

Hope to update with more soon! Stay safe and saucy out there~ <3

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Stream-day, boiiii! <3

Permanent Linkby Scaylid00d on Sat Aug 26, 2017 5:51 am

Our next livestream evening is set to start in the next 5 hours, at 16:00 GMT. Today's stream will be for my Patrons, and will feature two new drawings for two different peeps \:D/

Here's the link for the show when it starts:

If you wanna know more about how my streams and their requests usually work, you can check out my description on my Patreon below:

Whether you can make the show or not, have yourself a fantastic weekend! ^3^b

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