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Conclusion from vore

Permanent Linkby Eka on Tue Oct 16, 2007 11:15 am

Anyway, not sure how many people have notices the effect of vore have on people in a real life level, but from what I can see. There seem to be more harm then good so far:

1. Lost of interest on other things.

This doesn't happens to me. I don't find myself losing interest in other things, and for most people, it doesn't matter! Everything you enjoy doing, pretty much take your interest away from other things.

However I'm talking about the more extreme effect of this particular interest. For a lot of people. Vore is enjoyable because it stimulates them in a more sexual level. In fact, overwhelm your senses if you have a strong imagination. The overwhelming part is what bothering me. Each time you pushes close to the 'limit' you will need to seek for something even stronger to stimulates you, to a point where more 'normal' thing no longer interest you. While there are other hobby that does the same thing, a sexual fetish, arguably, does this more.

2. Unbalanced partitions of life style.

Do you separate yourself from vore? Like, your real self? If you engages in any type of roleplay, chances is that you do it to a certain extend.

There are obviously no problem with a bit of role playing. Many form of entertainment involving element of roleplay. However, if you started creating a personality and feel more comfortable with it then your normal self, what happens?

In itself, having two (or more) personalities to act out doesn't really have a problem. In a way many people have this same thing without any roleplay experience, like, for example, when people are angry, or sad, they act differently. However, the focus become a problem when one side getting more focus then the other side and eventually get in the way of being what you want to be. Just like the problem of depression or overly anger.

In combination with the fact that this fantasy typically doesn't really overlap with real life. Focusing overly on your character personality might start cutting out the regular development of your normal self.

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Permanent Linkby Tamara on Tue Oct 16, 2007 5:53 pm

Now, I'm curious to know what brought you to write such a blog post... Which makes me write this answer, my first answer to a blog... :D
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Permanent Linkby Humbug on Tue Oct 16, 2007 6:03 pm

The first part sounds like you're addressing addiction, especially when you talk about "pushing the limit" more and more to get the same interest. In a way, I can see how a fetish like this could turn into an addiction, though. I guess it's all about personal responsibility and keeping your urges under control.
The second one makes sense, too. It's not exactly schizophrenia, but to focus as much or more on a fake persona clearly can't be healthy, given that one has to live in the real world, even if one spends most of his time on the Internet. There just aren't as many repercussions on the 'Net than in real life, so it makes more sense to better one's real self than one's persona.
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Permanent Linkby Lexifoxy on Wed Oct 17, 2007 1:02 am

I would suppose the same could be said for just about anything. Anything is good in moderation.
If you're thinking you've seen many visitors of your site fall in to this stuff you're describing, perhapse that's because not many voraphiles have seeked out such material online and there's not many places for it (relative to other smuts) so of course you'll see more of these extreme cases here.
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Permanent Linkby sampson on Wed Oct 17, 2007 4:48 am

Well about the first part and the "addicted" part well when I first found out about vore I was partly addicted and all I taught about was vore but after sometime I stopped that and continue my life.

And yes I think I can and have "two personalities" which I dont involve Vore with real life. And or in Rp that not about vore I wont put some kind of vore if im the GM or something.
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Permanent Linkby SeruOmen on Wed Oct 17, 2007 5:14 pm

As for the first part, I think that goes more towards any addiction, not just fetish.

The second part goes more towards fantasy role-playing...

Pretty much, they are two things that happen to just be incidentally related to vore. I think the same person, having not been introduced to vore, would just have the same problem with something -other- than vore.
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Permanent Linkby BradRepko on Thu Oct 18, 2007 12:34 pm

The first part especially describes me, but the second part, not so much. I get hotter thinking it's me struggling inside of that big ol' tummy, so I try to put a little bit of me into each of my characters if not roleplaying a downright similie of my real life form. The first part, however, has been true of me with so many other things, it's not really jumping from one addiction to another, it's the same damn addiction, escapism. (see, FFTA) Video games were the predominate form for me in my younger years, then when I got a computer, online sexual sites (like Furcadia's FURN, yes I was underage at the time >_<) and eventually, I settled here into vore. As for jumping to higher and higher extremes to get your fix, that's right on the money too.
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Permanent Linkby Throat_Wolf on Fri Dec 19, 2008 10:25 pm

I'm not sure what the question about "separating yourself from vore" means.

I do maintain a separate identity on the net for vore from my real-life writing (complete with a separate email account and separate IM accounts), and only tend to tell someone from one life about the other if I really really trust them.

This isn't for any psychological reason, though; it's because I'm deathly paranoid of my parents typing my (real) name into Google one day and discovering that their darling little boy writes fetish porn. So I take whatever measures I can to make sure that there are no little threads connecting Throat Wolf and <my real name>.
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Re: Conclusion from vore

Permanent Linkby Kumiko-chan on Tue Sep 07, 2010 1:07 pm

There are several things to consider.

Namely, a person's level of existential intelligence. Vore could be addicting to someone with an active imagination, but I do not believe it will be unhealthy if the person has enough existential intelligence to separate fantasy from reality. If the person does not, any media can lead to aberrations, be it a gothic novel, television, movies or video games.

Also then, studies show for people who have a sexual experience with vore this is probably a healthy outlet. Studies show that watching pornography lowers rates of sexual predation. It is like giving a cat a toy, a way to control the urge for other forms of play or aggression.

As for normal development, I believe our concepts of normal or virtual development will blur increasingly in the future, as nanotechnology, and advances in internet technology, coupled with transhuman technologies like cybernetics and mind uploading blur the very distinction between cyberspace and "real life".
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Re: Conclusion from vore

Permanent Linkby raisans on Sat Apr 09, 2011 8:09 am

about seperating this from the real world, i'm already doing that unconsciously, i watch anime on the other hand, doing that every day, most of my time at home, and my friends at school don't even know what anime is. and as soon as i get at school i forget everything about anime, vore or anything i do wich my friends don't know about, but i game sometimes aswell (with my friends) and those things keep in my mind when i'm at school, so having "enough existential intelligence to separate fantasy from reality" isn't needed for me, already doing it without noticing untill i'm on my bike home ^^
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Re: Conclusion from vore

Permanent Linkby voidrunner on Wed Dec 05, 2018 4:24 am

For me, Vore isn't necessarily a "sexual thing" for me. Do I get pleasure from it, I won't lie, I do. But I can get off to regular vanilla porn any day. Vore interests me more for the sheer impossibility of it. The "this can't really happen" sort of thing.
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