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So i wrote a story
   Sun May 26, 2013 6:29 pm
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   Sun May 26, 2013 3:46 am

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So i wrote a story

Permanent Linkby Sideromelane on Sun May 26, 2013 6:29 pm

It's not very good, but it punches my buttons, and it's been trapped in my head for too damn long. So here goes.

If, and I do stress *if* it gets any kind of positive feedback, I might see about getting a gallery etc to upload more of them. Consider this a taster session.

HARD VORE WARNING. Read no further if you dislike blood, gore, death and misery etc.

Any resemblance to characters living of dead is purely co-incidental. I try and write archetypes, not specific characters, to avoid any grief. If you think I was writing about your character/s, then maybe examine why I like to abuse that character archetype, instead of getting butthurt over it.



Heavy rain crashed down in a torrential flood, battering the shrouded figure huddled in the gloomy shadow beneath the hissing orange glow of a street light. It was ignored by the passengers in the car swooshing past, on their way to more exiting things that night than the miserable downpour. The figure remained impassive, however, ignoring the passing vehicles in turn, the water trickling over it's strangely bulked shape.
There was a splash, the figure shifted slightly, water cascading from the oddly hung folds of it's shape. Another figure was hurrying down the road, towards the well appointed home, perched on the corner of the road opposite. Set back from the road, in a wide garden, well trimmed with shady trees, it was fairly modern, white painted, with an open veranda and comfortable, if sturdy, swing seat.
The new figure opens the gate, into the garden, muttering to itself as it negotiates a heavy looking bulge through the narrow gap, and letting the gate swing closed, the smooth tip of a orange, scaly tail nearly getting caught in the closing portal. It scurried off up the gravel path, towards the house. The waiting lurker lifts it's head, glittering eyes following the motion, only freezing a few seconds later as a taxi rumbles past, sweeping water up from the gutter and over it's feet. A soft, ripping growl follows, and then the lurking figure crosses the road, and lightly skips over the fence to slink up to the side of the house.
Samantha unlocked her door, cursing the rain, and the need to leave the taxi a block before her comfortable home, in this weather! Ugh. Still, she had finished off another instant internet classic tonight, and her co-star too, for that matter. She giggled, as the door snicked shut behind her, and she was able to cast off the heavy raincoat.
Her form was sleek, heavy but graceful, and virtually naked under the raincoat, apart from some comfortable sportswear. The reason for this was clear, her belly was swollen with some huge mass, which seemed to shift and squirm beneath her orange scales. Above the bulge, a pair of heavy breasts pressed tightly against the restraining fabric of her sports bra. Her arms and legs were heavily muscled, beneath a thin layer of softening fat, giving her a well rounded, indulgent figure. On her back, a small pair of wings twitched, batlike, and useless for flight, they nevertheless marked her as belonging to that sprawling, generally lascivious race known as 'dragon'. She groans at some particularly violent shift from within, and slips the clothing off. Firm tits sag slightly as they are unleashed, and she reaches one manicured claw under the bulge in her gut to toy with her clit, as she pads towards her bedroom.
“Mmm, keep squirming lover, it feels so good. I know, I know, you 'satisfied' me on camera, but let's face it, that was just foreplay!” She laughs, muffled cries echoing up her throat as she lies back comfortably on her double size bed. On the walls, a number of posters were framed, all of them showing her, in various poses of undress, and often, with some furry or scaly form halfway down her gullet. The word 'vore' featured a lot on the titles, and the overall impression was one of horrified fear, most of her co-stars had only signed up for the sex after all!
She belched, hips now beginning to rock as she gets herself off on the dying struggles of her latest meal.
By the end of the week, there would be another ten grand in her bank account, the internet would be abuzz with her latest orgy, and she would be looking forward to the start of the next film.
She was peaking, a rumbling growl of bliss echoing from her gaping maw, when there was a faint tinkle of breaking glass from the other room. She never heard it, lost in the glow from her loins, and the terrified struggling from her gut, sloshing and gurgling filling her pointed ears with glorious noise. Her curved, gilted horns scraping the headboard, toes curling in delight, she never sees the shadow flit across the door. As she subsides, shuddering, gasping and so, so warm, she slowly becomes aware of her surroundings once more. First, the smell, faintly rancid, old cellar dirt and rotting meat, and the sound, a steady drip, drip, drip. Her eyes slide open, glancing towards the source of the sound, and she freezes, blood running cold at the sight.
Faint traceries of red flicker over the black scales of the stranger hulking beside her bed, all she can see are the massive horns, and sleek muzzle, framing a pair of glittering, colour shifting eyes. “What? Who...? How did you get in here?! Look, I don't do private shows, you'll have to buy the movie like everyone else, or download it or whatever you creeps do!” She spoke quickly, as if hoping this stranger was just another stalker. It happened, now and then, although not so soon after a meal, she would never take a second this soon... And then it stood up. Bigger than her, bigger than any dragon she had ever met before in fact! Those horns, ungilted, looking rough and natural in fact, and yet long and sleek and sweeping back and out in a smooth S shape from a big, heavy skull. A long neck, wide, double shoulders, and now unfurling, what she had thought was some big wet raincoat, were what appeared to be massive, functional wings! Which was absurd... No winged anthro could actually FLY, even the most athletic of her kind could barely manage a short glide, with a massive run up, yet this, this monster, was equipped with massive sails!
It stepped closer, a soft hiss rolling from it's lips as they parted, revealing lethal looking fangs, and a slimy trickle of gloopy saliva which drools wetly down it's bottom lip and off it's chin, splashing onto her hardwood floor.
“What, are you?” she manages, cursing inwardly at the ungainliness of her gut, as she tries to squirm backwards, away from the home invader, and towards her bedside phone.
It moves, one heavy forelimb lifting towards her, and she lashes her heavy tail in return, smacking the grasping talons away from her naked body, but she is unprepared for it's reaction, and speed. It's own tail slashes around, thumping against hers, and continuing on to slash her pillows into a cloud of feathers.
It takes a moment for her mind to catch up with that event, she can only stare in horror as the end of her tail, almost a third of it's girthy, smooth shape, so often utilized as an impromptu dildo in her movies, slowly sliding away from her, out of her control, to flop listlessly onto the rumpled bedsheets. The stump sits for a second, as if frozen in disbelief, then blood sprays from the wound, and she thrashes away from it, as if trying to outrun the horror suddenly intruding into her comfortable, well fed life.
She reaches the far side of the bed, grabbing her phone, and scrambling under the bed with it. She gets as far as turning it over, to see the dimly lit numbers, when they blink off.
She stares at the handset in surprise, neat, trimmed, polished fingerclaws still weakly pushing the buttons, summoning help. But not.
New pain floods through her, as hooked, inches long claws sink into her thighs, and she is dragged bodily into the air. She feels wind rush over her, then she hits the wall opposite her bed. The air rushes from her lungs, and she feels her stomach rebel, acid flooding up her throat in a burning rush, and she swallows her gorge with difficulty. She feels lightheaded, the blood stopped flowing from her wounded tail long ago, a vestige of her reptilian nature keeping her from bleeding out. Panic floods her wounded body with adrenaline, and she bounces from the floor with a scream, and a leap, diving for the door, into the hallway, towards the front door of her home. The door was shut, but she could get it open quickly, run into the street, flag down a passing car.
Her head meets the bottom of the door, one gilted horn snapping off close to the base and stars flicker across her vision. She tripped? But there was nothing to... She tried picking herself up, only to flop down again with a scream. Pain tears across her calves, and she realizes, as the light from her lamps dims and the creature looms over her, the tip of her severed tail dangling limply from it's lips, that it had moved, faster than her, faster than should be possible, and had slashed her hamstrings as she tried to flee.
She felt sick, her meal now actively trying to rise in her throat, as the black and red form opens it's jaws. Ahh, here it came. She felt strange, watching that pink flesh, and gaping gullet approach. This was how it felt, to be helpless, to be prey, sliding down a throat... At least there wouldn't be any more pain.
Her thoughts cut off in a fresh scream, tearing from a raw throat as teeth sink into her shoulder. There was a crunch, bones snapping and ligaments tearing as the big monster works his teeth deep into her flesh, before releasing. He stepped back, glittering eyes surveying her, as a warm tingle spreads from the ragged tear in her flesh.
“No, no, no more, just, please, stop, end it, something, please, please, I'll do anything...” She felt weak, and hot, and cold. Her tormentor leaned closer. She reached out to push the big muzzle away, only to watch in calm silence as those bloodied teeth part, then crunch down into her hand. She felt the flesh part, the bones snap, and she screamed, every muscle tensing, the vague outline of a humanoid figure curled tightly under her belly scales revealed in her agony.
The bigger dragon tilts his head curiously, curling his tail around to rest against that tight belly. He strokes the firm bulge with the steely blade of his tailtip, then turns the edge, and slices her open. Fresh blood, barely tinged with the blackening corruption of his bite, oozes from the wound, accompanied by a splurt of released intestines, and the pink hernia of her swollen stomach. It splashes into the floor, and he slides a foreclaw across it, exposing the red, raw skin beneath. A figure slithers from the wound, sliding across the polished wooden floor in a flood of digestive fluids, and it's own partly digested flesh. He stares at it for a moment, then startles backwards, as it moves. Somehow, this half melted figure is still alive, drawing a shuddering, agonized breath between peeled back, dissolved lips. The face was gone, ears and eyes missing, replaced by open sores, pus and blood oozing from the holes, muscle and raw nerves visible through translucent, paperlike skin. It shudders, mewling faintly, a pawlike hand reaching out, missing most of it's fingers, what remains reduced to clawlike nubs of exposed bone that scrape across his scales, leaving a trail of slime. He grunts, and gently sinks his teeth into the delicate shape, allowing his saliva to seep into the wounds. This one would keep for a while.
He turns back to the dragoness, who was now trying to stuff her guts back into the slit which opened her like a fish. Her blood has congealed now, his deadly bite having infected her with both the means to preserve her life, and extend her torment.
He buries his muzzle into the pile of guts she has managed to gather up, taking in the shredded mess of her hand, and the remaining intact one at the same time. He bites down, with enough force to cut neatly through her wrists, and sever most of her intestines and stomach. He swallows, tumbling the whole mess down his throat, to join the end of her tail in his stomach. Another bite, another gulp, a splatter and gushing noise, as well as the sewer stench of ruptured bowels, and the sharp stink of voided bladder fills his nostrils. One heavy forefoot lands on her tits, squeezing the plump fleshy orbs in near imitation of a lovers touch, one which the pitiful, mewling thing writhing weakly on the floor nearby had in fact made while fucking her only hours before. But now, it was for another reason. It gave the bigger dragon purchase, with which to pin her down, as his jaws gape, and span her lower belly. Teeth slam closed, crunching into flesh and bone, ripping through her womb and where her bladder had once been, in one direction, and between her thighs in the other, sinking through her vagina and anus with a satisfying sound of steel through raw meat. He shakes his head side to side, sawing through muscle and scaly skin, jaws working to crush and shatter bone, and he rips his head away, carrying off her entire reproductive system. She watches, beyond horror now, almost beyond even the pain, as he swallows it down in a few easy motions. She know, he was big enough, he could have taken her whole, swollen belly or not, but, instead, he was doing this to her. Not for lust, not noticeably, but for some other reason, something cold, alien, and visceral. He wanted to eat her, and he wanted her to know it could have been gentle, kind, soft, but... Her eyes, glazed with the overwhelming shock of it all, fall to the doorway of her bedroom, and the just visible posters, the display of her predatory prowess, of her carnivore superiority to all other... She began to cry.
The black and red dragon chewed through her hips, snapping the ball and socket joints apart with an easy wrench of his shoulders, and he gulps down the legs individually, one at a time, tongue slithering over her feet as they vanish forever. She was till alive, his bite had ensured that, but she hadn't succumbed to the shock, which was more surprising. Ah well. He grinned inwardly, as he began to strip the meat from her thick tail, gulping the long strips one at a time, until the smooth orange shape was reduced to a truncated spine, and a few shreds of exposed nerves and flesh. He worked upwards, stripping as he went, cleaning ribs one at a time, tongue curling gently around each breast in turn, squeezing until the nipples turned purple, and ruptured, blood first oozing from them, then splitting in a gush of blood and fat and mammary tissues, which he greedily gulped down. Teeth snicked together to slice away what remained, his victim now only able to wheeze in terror and pain, his efforts to strip her ribcage having removed her lungs and heart long before, that firm, pulsating muscle resting on his tongue for an age, as he teased her, with the hope that the next bite, bursting her quivering heart, would end her unnaturally extended life and let her escape. He had winked at her right before biting down, blood splattering from between his teeth and escaping his lips to spray across the walls of the hallway. And a few seconds later her eyes had opened once more to the realization she was till here.
Now though, one by one, he picked clean her ribs, separating her arms from their sockets, and snapping the useless wings from her shoulderblades. She was reduced to a head, and a few shattered ribs, and long, blood coated spinal column. He surveyed her coldly. Standing over her with swollen gut, swollen with her body, she realized, her meat... She had stopped praying long before. Pain had ended some time ago, a strange numbness creeping in to replace it, and fear had followed. Now she waited, knowing that next, came the end, whatever happened, his next mouthful would be the end of her, be it a bite, or a swallow and trip to his stomach, she would die at last and this would all be over.
The big dragon turned, scooping up the faintly wheezing form of her freed meal. His gently applied bite earlier had given him the same measure of immortality as her, it seemed, and what had once been a svelt, sexy bunny boi had persisted in life, drawing slow shuddering breaths into acid ravaged lungs the entire time the monster had been eating her. And now, it seemed, he was destined for a new stomach.
Obsidian tossed his head back, throwing the weak form down his blood slicked gullet with contemptuous ease. What had been a hefty meal for the orange scaled dragoness, barely added to the already large bulge in his gut, and he belched softly as it all settled. His upper stomach passed the food directly to his true, digestive stomach, churning the weak form of the bunny in with the sizzling meat and bone of the dragoness. Between them, they represented a fairly large meal, and he was feeling... Contented. He picked up the head and spine of the orange dragoness, and carried them to the bedroom once more. With care, he arranged the remains on the bed. And then he left her there, the process started with his bite keeping her alive, aware of everything, until her brain was destroyed, or simply desiccated, which should take days yet, given the cool weather.
It was important, he reflected as he slipped from the house, back out into the cleansing rain, and away, heavy gut sloshing beneath him as he went, to keep the lower orders in fear. Otherwise they began to believe that they were all there was, that they represented the true monsters in the world.
Once word of this got out, things would start to change.

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Re: So i wrote a story

Permanent Linkby Marked on Mon May 27, 2013 1:20 am

Not at all that bad for an afternoon's work. I can't say it pushes my buttons per se, but the way that victims survive far past what they should have is an interesting twist of the horror aspect. Thanks for sharing.
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