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Something to say, not Vore related.

Permanent Linkby Sideromelane on Tue Jun 30, 2009 11:20 am

Crossposted from my LJ.

A sort of a rant.

May be TL:TD

This is spawned of one too many late nights, and a number of comments repeated here and there, in a few cases vocally, by members of the Furry fandom.

Otherking and Furry are two seperate, different things. No, really.

Furries, are in it because they like the art/porn, see it as a way of life, enjoy being around other like minded people, and fuck dogs.

Well, okay, not always that last part, but it has relevence.

Otherkin are individuals, who in various manners, believe they are the reincarnated souls of various animals, some of them mythical. It is a belief system, often deeply personal, and all otherkin believe that one day they will turn into dragons and fly away.

(You see what I did there? Clever huh?)

It is becoming an increasingly common phenonemon however, especially among furries, to view otherkin as something to be looked down on. To be dismissed as people being delusional, or plain retarded.
The grounds for this are often based on the view that all Otherkin are the reincarnated spirit of the Dragon_God of the Universe or someshit.

Now the mistake the furries believe in, is that all who call themselves otherkin ARE 'Other-Kin'. What is often the case, is that a furry loses touch with reality, and starts hearing thier fursona talking to them.

So in fact, its furries roleplaying as Dragon_Gods of the Universe that are being dismissed as delusional idiots. Exept those delusional furries CALL themselves Otherkin, so as to be extra special.


What I find offensive, is when I try and explain my beliefs, I often get made fun of, or lumped together with these idiots, because of it.
I have believed what I believe for a VERY long time. My first memories 'returned' when I was in preschool, and I have spent the last two decades learning to meditate, and learn about myself spiritually. I've invested a lot of time in my belief, as much as some people invest in any 'real' religion.
I discovered other, spiritually sincere people like myself a few years ago, when I got my first computer when I was sixteen. I had been identifying myself spiritually as a 'dragon' for nearly ten years by that point.
I found a few people who believed similar things, and a small group calling themselves 'otherkin'. Wow... here was a group of people just like me!

And because some of them were ALSO interested in the furry fandom, I discovered Furry.


(Incidentally, while I still see a few of those 'true' believers, most have utterly turned thier backs on everything furry, yet still maintain thier belief in Otherkin.)

Well, ten years after that, here I am. I consider myself a furry 'fan', but I am, and always will be, Other-Kin. I can leave the fandom, but I cannot leave what I believe in.

I do not (And most true otherkin also do not), believe that I will sprout wings and a tail and fly off into the sunset.
Just as <u>most</u> furries do not fuck thier household pets.
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Re: Something to say, not Vore related.

Permanent Linkby ChristyRai on Wed Jul 01, 2009 8:45 am

I 'ma Therianthrope. But I'm not turning into a dragon. x3. Kitsune though :D
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Re: Something to say, not Vore related.

Permanent Linkby Omega on Sun Nov 08, 2009 10:12 pm

Theres immense crossover between otherkin, therians, gaians, and and the anthropomorphic/furry crew.
Unfortunately you get the beastiality fetishists trying to infest all of the above and you get the hate groups deliberately trying to connect the groups with the beastiality fetishists so things get progressively muddled and barriers thrown up where there shouldnt be. Which is exactly what insane hate groups like Burned Fur, Crush-Yiff-Destroy and 3rd Rail want.

But since furry interests covers a very broad zone you do get people interested in non-anthro characters. Whish saw an immense burst of popularity after Lion King came out. So theres crossover there too which the above mentioned hate groups have tried to connect to beastiality.

Round and round it goes.
This is nothing new unfortunately.
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Re: Something to say, not Vore related.

Permanent Linkby Kruft on Fri Nov 13, 2009 6:07 am

I'm very much a therian but I enjoy being your apparent description of a furry (except for the "fuck dogs" part. >_>). I don't think I'll suddenly turn into a wolf (as much as I might occasionally want that to happen) but I know I'll be reincarnated as a wolf. Something I've known for quite some time.
Werewolf for life, yo.

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