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- August 2019
Beach Vore Story Part 1
   Wed Aug 14, 2019 6:38 am

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Beach Vore Story Part 1

Permanent Linkby Sinon on Wed Aug 14, 2019 6:38 am

Was working on this, might deepen plot...
It was a warm and sunny day when a small group of friends decided to go to the beach. In the group there were five people, Sasha, Tanya, Anna, Lena, and Andrea. Sasha was the strongest and biggest of the group, being the only one there to break the 6” barrier. Tanya really likes plants and was going on this trip with her friends to find some new plant life. Anna was a bird fanatic and just wanted to have some fun at the beach. Lena has a crush on Anna but never told her about it. Andrea really wanted to catch a big fish that day, as long as it didn’t pull her in ;).
The group safely made it to the beach in their small car, and upon getting out, Sasha said
“Did we really have to drive a car that small? Felt live we were in the belly of a snake.” The other turned at her and Lena asked,
“Y-you really think so?”
“Of course”, answered Sasha,”What else would it remind you of?”
Then Anna broke into the conversation,”Do you guys wanna stay here all day with out seeing the water?” She asked as she began running towards the shore. Lena whispered a small “wait!” as she began running after Anna. Tanya look at the other two and asked,”You guys coming, or do you need a special invitation?” She picked up her gear and started off to the water.
“So, Andrea, it’s just you and me now...”, but the only reply that came was for Sasha to help Andrea to carry her gear to shore.
The group put up a small umbrella and got around to undressing and changing into swimming clothes. This, of course, meant a whole lot of harassment from each other. Anna bravely grabbed Sasha’s double D tits before she was thrown back, accidentally, onto Lena who also “accidentally” managed to get hold of Anna’s breasts.
“Hey, let go!” Yelled Anna, but her uneven weight sitting on Lena kept her in place with Lena’s hands on Anna’s boobs.
“A-Anna...” sounded from Lena as she began to squeeze Anna’s boobs, she wanted this for a long time and for some time hugged Anna only so that she could feel Anna’s boobs on her body.
“Unhand me you villain”,sounded Anna in vain again as Lena’s groping intensified. Lena herself let herself loose and threw Anna on the ground as she got on top of her and started kissing her.
“Mghh!”, sounded from Anna as she felt Lena’s lips close in on hers and felt Anna’s love towards her, she would let this happen. Anna closed her eyes and returned Lena’s kiss. Their lips were together for some time until Lena got back to her senses and realized what she was doing, but she had already done so much that she got up and froze. Anna got up and as she wanted to talk the Lena about what they just did but got cut off short by Sasha who asked,
“You guys ready to swim yet?”, looking around, Anna realized that no one saw them make out and that everybody had their swimsuits on and ready to go to the water.
Anna and Lena hastily put their two-pieces on and the group, except Andrea, went to the water to swim. Andrea picked up her fishing rod, bucket, and bait and set off to get a good fishing spot. She walked for about fifteen minutes when she reached a spot that looked promising, it was a high cliff overlooking a deep lagoon. She decided this would be a good place to get to fishing as she set down her stuff and got herself ready. She threw the line in a couple of times and caught nothing. This progress continued for quite some time until she caught a small fish.
“Why am I so unlucky”, Andrea thought to herself as she threw the fish back in the water.
The smell of his pierced cousin attracted his to a haven of fish and there he saw is, a hook.
Andrea threw the line in and saw the water bubble.
I must rise to avenge my cousin, the creature thought to itself as it became overcome with anger, I must destroy this humans whole want to live!
Andrea got a bite.
“About time”, she said out loud as she started pulling the reel in, but to her unbelief, the reel kept spooling out and eventually almost running out. A small knot in the line suddenly caught the rod and both the rod and Andrea were launched into the water.
Now is the time for revenge, the beast thought to itself as it let its tentacles spread out and surround the human.
Andrea fell into the water and noticed something odd, the water around her was moving and it seemed as though something was closing her in. Suddenly tentacles burst forward and grabbed all around her, their grip not strong enough and too slimy to crush her body.
I can’t kill the human? Thought the beast as he tried to crush her, then I must feast on her cries of help and terror!
The tentacles suddenly started to position themselves in such ways that made Andrea uncomfortable until suddenly, one of the tentacles went into her vagina, ripped through her hymen, and started swelling her insides. Andrea cried out in pain as her virginity was lost to a sea beast and, as suddenly as the first, a second tentacle entered her asshole taking away any virginity she had left.
“Please, Mr. Beast!”, cried out Andrea to the creature, in vain because he was enjoying her reaction. A second tentacle slid into her vagina and Andrea felt herself cum.
“I can’t be getting satisfaction from this!”, she thought to herself. Another tentacle slid into her ass and she let out her voice.
Not finishing at that, the creature started moving its tentacles towards Andrea’s mouth. The tentacle slid in and down Andrea’s throat. Andrea started gagging and wanted to throw up and felt the need for oxygen, but the pleasure was more than she could take. Another tentacle wrapped her around the neck and started choking her, putting her airflow to a halt. Andrea came again. Andrea tried to scream, but to no avail, there were tentacles in her every hole.
Tentacle upon tentacle slid into her vagina, ass, and mouth. Fewer smaller tentacles started lookin for smaller holes. Upon reaching Andrea’s ears, the tentacle slid itself in driving Andrea insane from pain, pleasure, hate, and love. Another tentacle found its way into Andrea’s nose and started going down her throat too.
At this point, Andrea looked like a skewered kebab with tentacles entering her in all her holes.
One tentacle, however, found its way out of Andrea’s mouth. The tentacle has went from penetrating her from her asshole to exiting through her mouth. Andrea felt this and came again, something had went through her so much that it actually went through her. The tentacles had suddenly became bigger as they started getting closer to their stems and Andrea felt all her holes being ripped in two as the tentacles were too big to be in her. The tentacles suddenly started pouring out some kind of liquid, and from the looks of it, it was black ink from the monster. The ink burned Andrea in all the places where it touched her inside and Andrea kept coming as the ink simulated her in a way that no one can.
Most of the tentacles exited her body, save the ones that were pumping her full of ink, and the tentacles went underwater. The ink kept pouring in Andrea without stop, filling her gut, mouth, stomach, throat, intestines, bladder, and womb. This stuff was messing her up, and she knew that. The ink pumped into her stomach until she could feel her stomach about to explode from having too much liquid in her. She looked down and saw her now bloated stomach from all the ink that was in her.
Something popped inside her and she felt the ink enter her inner body and knew exactly what happened, her womb burst inside her and now she was being filled with an acidic ink. She started puking, ink. She came, ink. She tried to cry but her vision was blurred from the ink.
Another pop. Her stomach filled enough and exploded inside her. The sudden rush of kinetic energy inside her body forced her to cum again. The ink was everywhere, filling her every corner, dissecting her slowly.
The creature looked at what he had done, it was time to end and make this human it’s meal.
Suddenly all the tentacles pulled out and Andrea plopped into the water, her,cone fat, body spewing ink in every direction. She wanted it to end. Andrea heard a growl and saw the creature that had just filled her up. She wanted this to happen, not only would it end her suffering, but it was always a life long dream for her to be eaten alive. The creature opened its giant mouth and took her in. Upon landing in the, surprisingly, damp mouth, the creature made a sound and Andrea could feel the walls around her suddenly start to shrink. The walls started sucking up all the ink that left Andrea’s body. Andrea though about it for a moment, she went fishing and was caught herself, the irony. The walls around her started squishing her and she felt, yet again, tiny tentacles swarm all around her body. The tiny tentacles started pouring white ink in the place where she was and suddenly Andrea found herself surrounded in a white substance. Something perked inside the creature and Andrea felt the white substance seal, also sealing her fate. The substance tore through her body stronger than any acid and she felt her entire body begin to dissolve. The white acid tore apart her molecule for molecule to get the most nutrients out of her body. Andrea felt herself become a creatures meal as she slipped away into eternity.

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