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Major Life Updates and a Completed Interactive Story!

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Hi guys. You may have noticed that it's been a while since I posted a drawing, or a blog post or... did anything on site, really. Since my situation is beginning to stablize (somewhat), I thought I'd take a few minutes to explain my sorry self.

First off... I'm entering a 4-year college next term, and though my parents have done a wonderful job of giving me financial support so far, it isn't going to be enough. I'm going to have to juggle work, school and writing, and fetish-works, as much as I love them, are going to have to take a back-seat. I've also decided that, although I enjoy both writing and drawing, writing is my preferred medium, and I'm going to have to give that priority when it comes to choosing how I spend my free-time. I finished the first draft of my novel, and I'm hoping to get published professionally, so I can't let up my focus on writing. I know a lot of you enjoy my drawings, but sadly, I can't promise I'll be adding new...

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Commissions Coming In August

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Hi everybody! So, for those of you haven't yet heard, I will soon be leaving my father, and, consequently, losing the job I have working for him. I need to a new job, and to that end, I am planning to start doing art and fiction commissions. Below is a tentative price and policy guide, which may or may not be adjusted when I open for commissions.

-Line-art- $20, plus $10 per additional character. Add Background for $15.
-Colored- $50, plus $20 per additional character. Add background for $80.
-All payments shall be made through Pay-pal, in advance. No refunds.
-Customer should provide reference pics and/or descriptions, and should be as detailed as possible when placing their order. Any details that are not specified will be left to the artist's judgment.
-I will not do commissions that involve bestiality, rape, or sexual situations involving children.
-Line-art will be completed approximately 1-2 days after I begin working on them. Colored works, 2-4 days....

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Why There Are No Male Monsters in The Land of Kinky Doom

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So... recently, I realized that there is a conspicuous lack of male monsters in my interactive, The Land of Kinky Doom. I never really explained this, so you might think I simply excluded them because I dislike male preds. If only the truth were that simple... but no. There is a dark and terrible tale behind this apparent plot-hole, a tale that I seriously couldn't figure out where to tell! So I'm telling it here!

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Kinda like how Cinquint writes notes about his Android World in his blog.

For eons, the various monster-races of the Land of Kinky Doom preyed upon the human race with little fear. While the occasional hero would appear, sword in hand, and vow to stop the monster-race once and for all, but it turns out that driving several hundred races of monsters to extinction when you're armed with nothing but a pointy metal stick is actually really, really hard. While the heroes efforts were admirable, they inevitably met their ends and fed the...

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A New Semester

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Hey, y'all.

As you may have noticed, I have ( YET A-FUCKING-AGAIN) dramatically slowed down my art out-put. This is because I'm starting a new semester in college, and thus, have a new factor crammed into my schedule: homework. Additionally, I'm shooting for all A's this semester, so I can't afford to fuck around. Homework has taken priority over artwork, and thus, until my homework is complete, my artwork is slowed to a trickle.

Hopefully, I'll find the time to get a few more drawings finished and uploaded fairly soon.

-Some Guy