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Update on Equestria Anno Zero

Permanent Linkby Stanku on Mon Jun 05, 2017 3:49 am

EDIT: The first real chapter is out! Go read it and vote here:

First of all, let me express my big thanks to all the voters and other people interested in the project! With your help it took off with a roaring success, reaching no less than 12 votes in under twenty four hours!

The race for our first hero was indeed as close as it gets. Mint Button and Flare Tail ended up receiving five votes each, Rubin being left with the short end of the stick this time. I hadn't really prepared for a tie this even -- the five votes on Flare and Mint were the first ten votes to be given.

However, in the interest continuing the story I decided to literally toss a coin between our two head contenders. The winner of this acutely ad hoc act was... Mint Button!

So what happens next? Well, I'm going to release a new chapter with Mint occupying the leading role sometime today, with a score of consecutive options for you to choose from of course. But since it looks like the story has gathered some wind under it wings, the voting procedure will be changed a bit.

A new rule: The voting for the next chapter will remain open for 24 hours after the latest chapter's release. After the deadline I'll simply count the votes, in case of a tie toss a coin again. However, the deadline will be delayed if four or less people have voted -- I want to keep a minimum of diversity alive in the audience.

TL:DR: Keep voting and keep interested! I'm really happy about all of this right now!
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