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2018 Commission Rates
   Fri May 18, 2018 6:43 pm

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2018 Commission Rates

Permanent Linkby Taniciusthefox on Fri May 18, 2018 6:43 pm

Figured a formal journal would be better than updating that ancient one. If you are interested in a commission, please send me a private message!

Due to an increase in living expenses, I have to increase the price of my commissions slightly. Commissions formally laid out before this (i.e. were paid for already, or fully agreed to under a pay-as-I-write/draw plan) will be grandfathered in and be exempt from the rate hike (e.g. if you already paid $5 for a sketch, then you don't need to pay anymore for that sketch).

Black/white Sketches: $6 per character (in the event a character is only partially seen, they will get a reduced rate; belly bulges do not count as a character)
Flat color images: Add $10 per image.

Comics: $6 per character per panel (adjusted based on how much of the character is visible); I realize I normally draw comic panels as sketch-sized, so they are receiving sketch pricing per panel. Flat coloring will add some portion of $10 depending on detail.

Writing: $1.1 per...

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Updated Contact Info

Permanent Linkby Taniciusthefox on Sat Aug 13, 2016 2:24 am

My old one is wayyy out of date so here are the best ways to contact me:

Twitter - @TaniInky
Skype - Taniciusfox
Telegram - @TaniInky

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Contact Information! :3

Permanent Linkby Taniciusthefox on Tue Mar 01, 2011 3:16 am

In case anyone cares! :3

AIM - [email protected]
YIM - [email protected]
MSN - [email protected]

I'm shy. =x
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SPECIAL Vore Requests Opened!

Permanent Linkby Taniciusthefox on Sun Nov 21, 2010 5:38 am

By Special, I mean, there are special rules. :3

First, five slots. Allotted by first come, first served.

Second, the rules:

1. Any preds that will be used must be porcupines or hedgehogs. Prey can be whatever. :p It may be a bit racist, but I wanna do hedgies and porkus. X3

2. I want to Rule Thirty-Vore characters. I must not have drawn them as pred before. ;p And, hopefully they haven't been drawn as pred by others yet. I take pride in being the first to draw someone as pred. :3

3. Obvious rule is obvious - all boys. Heterophobic, sure. Do I care? No, not really. :p

4. There is an exception to Rule 2. It's very simple. I will draw a character provided they're used as your primary RP persona. As an example, check the character database here and see how you can get people as "Sonic" or "Shadow" or whatnot. Provided they're a main character...

[ Continued ]
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Long-Overdue Intro...

Permanent Linkby Taniciusthefox on Tue Jul 14, 2009 7:55 am

Well, I suppose I might as well post one of these cliches, so here we go!

I'm TaniciusTheFox. You may call me Tani, TF, Marius... eh, I have many names that vary. Choose whichever!

Many of you probably noticed my artistic contributions. Good! Lemme tell you what I do/don't do.

First and foremost, I will NEVER draw female preds, except maybe if someone paid me, and even then, I probably wouldn't do it. I'm a little something called a fruitcake, you see! So boys are the only thing I'll draw. :D ...Don't ask me for fashion tips or to go shopping, or I'll hard vore you. Or maybe just chew your face off if I'm in a good mood!

My realm is generally restricted to furry characters. I branch across all sorts of series(Jak and Daxter, The Grand Ashworth Fortune, Dan & Mab's Furry Adventures, etc.) but my all time favorite is Sonic the Hedgehog. You will see my gallery is loaded with Sonic vore of...

[ Continued ]
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