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- April 2017
unnamed world
   Wed Apr 05, 2017 10:49 pm

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unnamed world

Permanent Linkby Thagrahn on Wed Apr 05, 2017 10:49 pm

The primus behind a fictional world, and the world building that goes into it affects what is plausable and impossible within that world. To that end, we need to contemplate the becoming of the world, and the how and why of it's creation.

I have build many fantasy worlds, and like the idea of a disk with mountains around the rim and a sea in the middle. This allows for the bulk of the land to be one continent, but also leaves open the possibly of islands.
The how of fantasy worlds' creation tends to be in the hands of the what passes for the divine of the world. The why is where things can get complicated.

Why did the divine create the world, also reflects on the nature of the divine. A contest would suggest conflict between factions of the divine. A test would suggest a passive divine that is looking for a potential (possible a prophesied) result. A game indicates the divine opporate under artificial rules that can be bent or broken. Mixing such things creates a complex dynamic in the...

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Weapons, Tools, and Non-Human Hands

Permanent Linkby Thagrahn on Sat Sep 24, 2016 2:13 am

Been thinking a lot on this while doing my world building.

While the end of the tool or weapon that does the work may not change much due to function dictating design, there are a few options on how tools can be held for use.

Finger slots or holes would allow creatures without thumbs, or very few digits to control the tool, but the size of the slot or holes restricts the size of the digits that can handle any individual item.

Bracer mounts could entail two parallel rods that get affixed to a bracer or gauntlet by straps, and this would allow use by creatures of similar size but different digits, but would not work for creatures with wing-arms.

A hybrid with digit holes and two parallel rods would cover several methods of use, but so long as the creature possess finger like digits.


With claws, talons, and hooves trying to manipulate things, plant based rope, string, and clothing becomes less practical. Leathers, furs, cables, and wires would be required to prevent accidentally...

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Weapons and Thinking like the Animal

Permanent Linkby Thagrahn on Mon Sep 19, 2016 10:28 pm

Predators, both carnivores and omnivores, tend to have teeth and claws to catch prey. This suggests that it would be the prey anthros that develop the first weapons.

Being a predator myself, I find it hard to think like and relate to prey. Mice, Bunnies, Deer, Sheep, and Fairies each have different advantages, but that I know of, it's mostly ways to evade the predator.

Anthros have magic and knowledge, and therefore more to lose when facing a predator. This should mean being willing to figure out ways and weapons to fend of the predator.

I've tried alternative time-line builds before, and it seems there is always someone who thinks the modern human way is the only way, yet I'm working with world's where humans never existed.

So, how to think like the Animal Anthros when designing the Weapons?

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World Building

Permanent Linkby Thagrahn on Fri Sep 16, 2016 11:41 pm

I've been slowly developing my own fantasy world, and my most recent development was a good web, which I shared the problems, basics, and results of in the forums. As such, I now know the shape and what lives there.

I have five namesless, faceless, genderless divided whom created this world for unknown reasons. The technology that would be developed by humans doesn't rationally fit directly into a world of Anthros and magic.

So, despite the world becoming more believable, new problems are arrising, too.

Questions on tools, weapons, buildings, and defenses are now a major issue. Looking over the races/creatures, human concepts, designs, and thinking no longer apply.

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K-ON characters and Academy development

Permanent Linkby Thagrahn on Thu Jun 23, 2016 1:07 am

I've taken a couple of my old characters, and built a couple new characters, too. The are all suppose to be attending an Academy, but for the most part the Academy is just a shell/Backdrop. The four characters also feel just as flat and empty.

I was hoping this would spark something, but my mind seems to be full of dead ends and partial details.

Not sure what to have the Academy focus on, not sure how the girls meet, and not sure why they got into vore.

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