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- July 2019
Where are my vores writer man?
   Mon Jul 01, 2019 9:46 am

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Where are my vores writer man?

Permanent Linkby TheVoreEngineer on Mon Jul 01, 2019 9:46 am

Hello everyone, while I'd love to have something witty and meant to be funny about me having things coming up, or being lazy, or something along those lines, sadly the reality is a bit more, unfortunate.

More or less, I have been dealing with two cases of family medical issues, my father having been diagnosed with tonsil cancer recently, as well as an uncle of mine has had the status of his cancer be moved to terminal, now currently in the hospital, probably not going to come out of there alive. While I'd love to say that said things don't reduce my ability to write stories, emotional stress mixed with newfound responsibilities to help both individuals with their illnesses has made the time to write more difficult for a large amount of time. I will be making an extended effort to try and get commissions completed, otherwise, story output may be slower for a while.

Apologies for the delay's guys, hopefully, as time moves on, I will be able to find the strength and focus to create a better...

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Permanent Linkby TheVoreEngineer on Mon Jun 10, 2019 10:10 pm

The short answer is I am getting to it! Long answer, well...

Apologies for the long wait between content again. I may have been dragged to university to do examinations on the content I probably knew, at least the exams made it seem I knew what I was talking about. Hopefully. That aside, with that obligation out of the way, I now have much more time to pursue writing! There'll be three big focuses during this break, hopefully, all of which can be fulfilled!

This one is obvious. For the three people who are still waiting on commissions, they should be coming during this month. Not sure if I'll open and slots this month, however. I will be contacting the relevant people when the time is correct.

Original Pieces"
As I get deeper and deeper into building my own little universe for my stories, my desire to write stories of the characters in the said universe grows. I will probably be working on some smaller original pieces...

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New formatting

Permanent Linkby TheVoreEngineer on Sun May 12, 2019 7:28 am

As the blog title suggests, I've revised how I'm going to be presenting my content from now on. Most facets of the reading experience will be getting a small update, so lets list through them.

I'd first like to apologize, to anyone who's read my stories over the past year, for the walls of text you had to deal with. The original idea was to cut down on the amount of scrolling one would need to do, but after going back after the hiatus I've taken at the start of this year, the strained eyes suggest that maybe having it not be in huge annoying to read chunks might be a better idea for everyone involved. Due to this being a readability thing, I have gone back and retroactively changed every published story to a more spacious format, as well as changed it from a .doc file to a .rtf file to help all my stories not be a pain for the eyes.

Next up mainly is the icons. As one may notice by looking at the more recent releases on the account, that I've been exploring using...

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Commissions are back!

Permanent Linkby TheVoreEngineer on Tue Apr 30, 2019 6:14 pm

Well, we're back to the grindstone with peoples stories!
Ok, so simply put, the way I did commission queue's before ultimately contributed to my burnout, so this time things are going to be different, so let's start off with the changes
> If you had inquired about a commission before, with a single exception, your commission has been dropped from the queue. You are free to queue again, but no preferences will be given. I apologise profusely for this.
> commissions will be taken in blocks of four, and no more. Any inquiries beyond that (excluding the new companion piece product) will be denied, and there will be no backlog queue. As much as I dislike a "first come first served" system, for the time being this will be the case
> As stated above, new product! If you have an image that you want to have a story added to, for the small fee of $7 you can get an up to 500-word story made from the image! This service will be most likely privy to discounts for those who use the...

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Wait what?

Permanent Linkby TheVoreEngineer on Sun Apr 21, 2019 5:15 am

Back. Had to focus on University. Should write some more hopefully.
No commissions for the time being, getting writing mojo back first. Prices most likely going up if I start up again.
Not sure what to write next, so I'm gonna put up some thoughts of what I should write. This does not mean I'm taking requests, but instead, I have a poll with a few ideas I've been playing around with

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