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- August 2019
Anyone trying to reach me on Discord
   Mon Aug 12, 2019 3:16 pm

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Anyone trying to reach me on Discord

Permanent Linkby balanced-guy on Mon Aug 12, 2019 3:16 pm

I do not have access to my Discord. I can login, but I can't actually view my Discord chat.I need a mobile phone in order to gain access to my account again, and tech support hasn't been able to help me out further. Gaining access again to my eka's is also why I've been offsite a few days, turns out the email I created my account with, an old hotmail one. Had evidently expired and so I wouldn't be able to get back in. Thankfully Eka was dilligent and helpful in helping me regain access to my account. So I'm back on here again. And I am working on getting my mobile set up, so I can use it and get access to my Discord again.

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My UE Stuff and More

Permanent Linkby balanced-guy on Wed Jul 24, 2019 4:12 pm

So I have posted about 80% of the Unusual Entity related art, I've had commissioned. I'm waiting on a few more images to be finished. But more updates in the UE setting are planned. I also have a Ton of UE art I've drawn myself, though it's mostly reference images that haven't been coloured yet. There are also full entity logs for every UE that I have created. If there's enough interest, I might start posting those, along with their reference images, coloured and shaded etc. I plan to continue to expand the setting with new stories, new art and new UE's. If you'd like to contribute, feel free to get in touch.

Also just before I posted the commissions. I had a new story written by VahuenessIncoming. You guys can check it out here: - Ours is to Feed

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The U.E.C.F setting

Permanent Linkby balanced-guy on Tue Jun 11, 2019 9:22 am

So I've been pretty quiet I realise, so I decided to do a blog post. Announcing what I've been up to, the last few months/year or so. I have been making art, though it's been of the non-vore/kink kind mostly. Stuff I post on my SFW accounts, however in the last year or so, I have been working on a setting for vore-themed scenarios.

It's called the Unusual Entity Containment Facility. It's a multiverse spanning setting, where creatures classed as Unusual Entities exist and predominantly consume intelligent life. The scale of the threat these entities pose varies as do their abilities, personalities etc. The setting is heavily influenced and inspired by the SCP Foundation, Lobotomy Corporation and the RPC Authority. Though I do my best to try and be as original as possible, I have made one or two UE's based on existing SCP's. I plan to start posting art from this setting sometime this month. To get a better idea for what the setting is like, I'll link three stories by three authors I commissioned....

[ Continued ]

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Last art of the New Year

Permanent Linkby balanced-guy on Sun Dec 31, 2017 1:53 am

So I did some great collabwork with Aelina, in the last months of this year. It's been rather fun, working with someone like this, so much so, that I'm probably going to be open to try it again, more frequently, next year. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the last three bits of art, form me this year. I have one or two images set aside for January. And a few more collabs with Aelina, I'd like to do. If you want to get in touch about doing something similar sometime, then I'd ask you wait until next year. I'm not quite ready to agree to do more collabs, until I've finished the rest of the ones, I'm working on. Happy New Year everyone, hopefully 2018's got a lot of amazing art, for us all to create and enjoy.

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I'm Back

Permanent Linkby balanced-guy on Mon Oct 23, 2017 5:29 am

And man do I have a LOT to catch up with. Videos, stories, friends and so much more. I hardly know where to start XD. I turned 27 while I was away, got a tan, went to a lot of theme parks, Saw some movies, got caught in tropical rain a few times. But overall, I had a good time.

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