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Big Update, which is Bad News

Permanent Linkby brandon14 on Sat Feb 16, 2019 6:06 pm

So yeah... I really got some bad news. I am serious about this one. 8-O

A friend of mine on Discord said to me to get rid of his name that was mentioned on his art that I have in my profile. :!: As a result, I have to change his name to <REDACTED> and edit the description to make sure his name isn't in there. He did tell me that his Discord name is actually his Youtube account, but I can't show it because he said that I shouldn't mention it or else. :freaked: If anyone, who is new to Aryion or this profile, who is now reading it, he wanted his Discord tag and mentioning sealed shut. I am sorry, but he did tell me that it is mandatory. I had to do it or else I would make him feel a bit upset. That is all and that is the end of message. Thank you for reading this.
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Written by "Brandon Thickon"
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