The choices we make
Well today shows that I clearly fed up with what has been going on.

This morning I was trying to eat my breakfast, the little nut child went and grabbed a can of air fresher from the bathroom he took it into dining room, where I was eating my breakfast and sprayed it a few times towards me. He was standing a few large steps away and didn't spray it at full blast. I had done what else I needed to in the kitchen, I left headed for my room. The child came back in this time with the kitten we have here at the house, its older now and mostly kept outside, he got right in front of me so I couldn't move.

So what did I do?

Grabbed both of his shoulders, well the shirt he was wearing and forced him backwards, I can't recall what I said, but I was trying to make the point for him to stay away from me. The kid went ape like normal and his father came out shouting. His father threatened me if I touch his son again as I grabbed the can the kid used on me.

Once I got home from a very long walk, my mother tells me she copped it from him, because I caused this son to start screaming and crying.

I will almost leave out the name calling that was going on before the can part, but still the little rat bag was watching TV in the living room and left that to harass me. He shouldn't have been watching TV in the first place.

So with what his kid has been doing, I haven't been able to work on my RP bot, lost interest in anything else, apart from watching stuff and even then I am still upset.

Once I had got back home my mother has tried to patch things up with me, but it is clear that this will never end, and it is clear that she hasn't been straight with what is wrong with this kid, first it was bipolar, now I have been told that he doesn't have enough salt, his salt levels are too low and that is why he is like this. No I really don't know what to make of it.

I am going to look into renting a room, but to do so I will need to save up some money, I will need to still look at getting my drivers license and hopefully I can start training to become an electrical contractor.
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- May 2016
So, Today...
   Mon May 09, 2016 8:09 am

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So, Today...

Permanent Linkby can on Mon May 09, 2016 8:09 am

Well, things for me have moved on, its been a great many years, but I am back to being employed.



Now that I have a drivers license, I was given a company car, so I can drive it around to walk dogs and house sit.

Now for some people they would think that house sitting, staying in someone else house would be like a holiday, this is far from the truth.
In the past home owners have come back and have been upset with how 'messy' the house sitter is, like having there stuff floating about, not doing the washing up,etc...

So Everyday, before I leave or do anything, the house must be pretty much spotless, all my stuff has to be ready to go at a moments notice.

Now toss in some really fussy things, like feeding two or more dogs separately, cats and farm animals. Some people with money have some really weird things or stuff that you have to do.

I have found that most of the time, I am up first thing in the morning to put a dog or dogs outside so they can pee or worse, being...

[ Continued ]

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Nintendo 3DS Capture.

Permanent Linkby can on Thu Mar 05, 2015 11:34 pm

Alright, I’ll start off by saying, that I have been having stress or anxiety attacks, triggered by two Centrelink forums, one I had help to fill in and a second by my doctor, who I have only seen twice.

I might get put back onto a payment called Newstart or worse even have it cut off completely, mostly because of changes I have heard about to the Australia social security payment system. It would be much easier if I had a secure job, but we can’t have everything.

So back to the 3DS capture, now when I hear 3DS, I think of Autodesk’s application 3D Studio Max, and not the Nintendo Handheld gaming device, like when I think of Tablet, I think of the Wacom drawing tables and not the POS mini computers that so many companies are just tossing at us these days.

So looking at what I think is the first capture card, it’s a breakout board with two IC’s and a Mini USB port. The board is called a ‘Chameleon USB SPA3’, it hosts an EZ-USB FX2LP and a XILINX SPARTAN3A (XC3S50A), along with a crysta...

[ Continued ]

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The worst thing about being a pokemon...

Permanent Linkby can on Fri Sep 26, 2014 4:51 am

Okay, I just had this weird idea come to mind, and that is the worst thing about being a Pokemon that evolves with an evolution stone.

Lest also include:
Your an Eevee.
You already have big plans on what you want to evolve into to.
You like getting wasted.
You like party's.

Now picture this, you wake up with one hell of a hangover, and when you look in the mirror and that groggy vision cleans up you see a Flareon back at you, all while you wanted to evolve into an Espeon for the psychic powers.

Now you are a fire type in your insurance premiums just went up ten points.

All ways go to look at the cons, and invest in fire retardant.

And this is one of those weird things that comes to mind.

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Where I stand. Life Update.

Permanent Linkby can on Mon Jan 20, 2014 11:12 pm

Well over the last few months, things for me have been a tad on the stressful side, but they have all been leading to something good.

So I have been offered an apartment. Not I will try and describe this as best as I can; these where state owned apartments, which have been renovated and now are being rented out through a privet organization. (There is a number of groups like the one I am in, who I will be renting from)

So why stress, well I setup a date to inspect one of the apartments and lowen-behold I go out there only to find nobody around, turns put they didn't inform me of the change of date and time, so I end up stuck out somewhere, I really freaked out.
To make things worse, the next lot of phone calls, drive me even worse, learning they had a public open day and failed to even drop me a letter.

So, after all this bs, it comes to a point, months later where I get to take a look and they tell me that, they are ready for people to move in. Getting cheap removalists at the drop...

[ Continued ]

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I have this big problem.

Permanent Linkby can on Mon Oct 21, 2013 6:04 am

Alright, so I'll say this.

I have autism, I am high functioning, but for the most part people don't know how to handle me, I have spent many years trying to workout what I need and I know what I need, but when I explain this stuff to people, they don't understand it and then later on why I do things or get upset.

This is a bitch.

Now for the second part, it's were I am living. See right now I am in a share house, which is a flat/apartment inside a larger house with a few other flats/apartments. Rent is okay, about $400 a week and that covers utility's, so that is good.
But the building, well the building is old and I mean over 100 years old, its been making me ill; and that is were my problem lies.

Now I have found that if I go else where for a few days I feel better, well for the most part. Some places have been worse, but some have been real good for me.

I have a good feeling that my depression and writers block/slow down is due to this. And sadly finding myself in a better place...

[ Continued ]

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