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Back but Slow with RPs
   Mon Apr 14, 2014 1:09 pm
Character Bio: Topolo
   Tue Apr 01, 2014 7:58 am

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Back but Slow with RPs

Permanent Linkby grassleaves on Mon Apr 14, 2014 1:09 pm

So, been away a little bit and am currently having a murderous week. It's been a sine-wave week, lots of ups and down.

I hate to say it, but my RPs are probably on hold for the time being. I know Topolo has a few outstandings going (one BIG one with a certain cheetah), and I'd like to get back to them, but for the near future, I don't expect to be on the chat very often. If I've got an outstanding with you, have no fear. I'm not dead, only sleeping. If you want to contact me about our current RP and talk about it, feel free. For now, I'm going to stick mostly to writing. Because, crazy as this week has been, I can at least still vent my desire to feed my body's hungers through stories if not actual meals. XD

Also, I've already put it up and then took it back down, but I'm considering, when things calm down, opening up to trades and requests again. I explained this when I had it up on my profile, but I'm interested in trying art/writing or writing/writing trades and perhaps even requests...

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Character Bio: Topolo

Permanent Linkby grassleaves on Tue Apr 01, 2014 7:58 am

Time for another character bio.

This time: Topolo, the goat-boy.

Basic: Topolo is a goat-boy with a large butt and no pants. He does not think in the abstract and because of that is often happy, often honest, and often acts on instinct, which leads to people being eaten when he's hungry. He is not simple or stupid, just focused on what is only real, not less concrete ideas.

Topolo is something of a play on rationalism. I don't mean that as an insult; I'm always trying to improve as a rationalist and correct myself. Rather, I wanted to distill him into a predator focused on the real, based fully in the functions of his own body, without getting into that silly “ditz” style of fake innocence people use too often. You know what I mean, when you have a character who is “innocent” of the oddities of complex, abstract thought, who takes every metaphor as literal as possible and laughs like an idiot all the tim...

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Eating Girls and Dating

Permanent Linkby grassleaves on Sun Mar 30, 2014 10:18 pm

Sort of a continuation of the last post and something of just venting. I'm not big on dating. I don't want a girlfriend (or a boyfriend) or to start a real relationship. But sometimes I really want a girl friend who I can just eat. A girl I can be friends with, chat with, but who doesn't mind me telling her, "I really want to have you for a snack right now. You ok with me slurping you up?"

I sort of consider myself asexual since I'm not really that much interested in other people as far as intimacy goes. Sure, I have needs... but the one I find myself thinking about the most is the desire to have a girl in my stomach. XD

There needs to be a word for two people in a non-committed relationship where one gets eaten by the other. You know, besides the word "dinner."
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Eating Girls

Permanent Linkby grassleaves on Fri Mar 28, 2014 1:16 pm

Eating Girls

As a pred, I love pretty much all flavors of meals. Girls, guys, whatever. If it speaks, moves, and thinks, then I'll enjoy gulping it down. But a girl is a very different meal from a guy (and a guy is a very different meal from a transgender who is very different from a transexual who is very different from a crossdresser who is very different from a hermaphrodite who is... you get the picture).

As a guy, my attitude towards a girl meal is very often about that relationship between feminine and masculine that pervades so gender politics. Now, we live in the modern world, and gender roles, for better or worse, are pretty clearly defined. While I may not like some of the gender politics that goes on, when it comes to a girl about to slide down my throat, her feminine taste and my masculine body are two facts that can't be ignored or denied.

When I eat a girl, I'm making a masculine statement, like it or not. It's an act of dominance and, even if we disagree, dominance is...

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Digestion in Brief

Permanent Linkby grassleaves on Thu Mar 27, 2014 8:16 am

It happens every time you eat. It's the threat that hangs over the head of almost every prey you meet. It's what you have to thank for the flesh on your bones and the energy to move your eyes as you read.

*glurbgle* *slursh* *gloork* *clruugh*

Digestion. The thing that keeps you going, that turns another person into you. It's noisy, it's messy, it's effective. It's fun.

The thing about digestion is that, as a fact, it's very simple, but the fact can be seen from so many personal angles. Look in any anatomy textbook and the hard facts of digestion are easy to learn. Food gets covered in saliva in the mouth (chewing optional around here), slithers down the throat by peristalsis, enters the stomach which begins protein digestion with gastric juice, squeezes the slurry that's left (called "chyme") into the duodenum to meet with enzymes, then into the intestines for absorption. After eight hours, every steak dinner, milkshake, and cheerleader looks the same. Simple.

What's it mean...

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