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- October 2018
So yeah I went a little nuts :p
   Mon Oct 15, 2018 6:13 pm

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So yeah I went a little nuts :p

Permanent Linkby hamilton4 on Mon Oct 15, 2018 6:13 pm

Hope you all enjoyed the recent dump of pics. I ended up trying for an artslave session from ecchipandaa thinking I could splurge on 2-3 pics I was craving and by some twist of fate not only got it, but almost a full extra day. Unable to help myself, I got everything I could >_<
Ended up getting something for almost all of my biggest obsessions, and even have a Sandersonia pic on the way too that I figured I could spring for before the whole artslave stuff.

Also as far as the ongoing hiatus goes, possible opportunities are starting to get some momentum, but I probably got way ahead of myself here so I gotta reel back hard again ^^;

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Happy Vore Day + "Update"

Permanent Linkby hamilton4 on Wed Aug 08, 2018 12:26 pm

Happy Vore Day everyone! Hope you all enjoy it. Sorry I don't have any Muchi to share with you all on this special day but just wasn't in the cards with my hiatus.

Which leads me to a brief "update" regarding the hiatus. Essentially I've spent a month on moving/helping with house work/and misc duties, then another month taking the chance to just unwind and refresh myself. But now I'm ready to try moving forward again. My goal for this month is to start lining up opportunities and depending on how that goes will determine how soon I can get back to drawing and commissioning stuff to upload here.

On that note, sorry for the lack of vore/absorption in any uploads since the beginning of the hiatus, in theory about half of those uploaded commissions shouldn't have happened at all but I'm weak willed and haven't been able to let go of my patreon commission slot with Riendonut and got some super cravings that I took opportunities to act on XD. There IS still one absorption commission...

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Hiatus START

Permanent Linkby hamilton4 on Wed May 30, 2018 10:08 pm

Same information as in the description here:

You read right, I’m going on a hiatus from commissioning and likely drawing as well (at least lewd/fetish subject matter). Any commission uploads before the end of the hiatus are ones that have already been paid for.

-Is it permanent? NO! Probably the first question that comes to your mind. I have every intention of returning to getting/doing artwork to share here once I get back on stable footing.

-Why the hiatus? I’m undergoing a bit of a transition in my life and will not have a stable income/free time for a while. For those concerned, this was completely my own decision and I’m happy with it. My previous vocation was no longer what I envisioned for myself and even though the future is less certain, I’m glad to leave it behind and find a new path.

-How long will it be? Unclear at this point. Depends what I find ...

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Monster girl suggestion box

Permanent Linkby hamilton4 on Tue Mar 13, 2018 8:04 pm

Heyo folks, just to help kickstart the creative juices I'd like to open the flood gates for suggestions for future monster girl concepts. I've got a general list of girls I like who I'd possibly use but I'm more in need of interesting monster/monster girls to make them into. Randomness is encouraged! There are no guarantees, whatever strikes me as interesting and I end up picturing a girl I have in mind fitting. Not too interested in the more standard stuff like naga/lamia, plain cat/dog girls, etc, want to be more creative. Mythology, games, anime, gimme what you got.

Current roster: Centauress Robin (solo pic coming soon), Dragoness Erza (colored version coming soon-ish), Phoenix Yang, Cosmic Rosalina, *secret* Juri (coming soon-ish)
Was considering a Metroid Queen Samus but Doomington kind of already nailed it lol
I'd love to use Kat from Gravity Rush and feel like she needs a feline monster but don't want to just do generic cat/panther girl. So suggestions there are encouraged...

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Muchi Milestone

Permanent Linkby hamilton4 on Mon Feb 12, 2018 5:22 pm

Greetings all! As of my latest upload Muchi has finally done all the primary types of vore (*that she’s capable of). Absorption, anal, breast/nipple, oral, hair, tail, unbirth, cock, slime/goo, bellly/navel, and cleavage!
The only other ‘primary’ type left would be soul but she’s not capable of that, though I do have an idea in mind that’s the closest she could get. Although, with the introduction of the soul link system from FighterZ I’m wondering if I might use that to explain things should I ever feel compelled/have the time for proper soul vore. I don’t think there are many ‘obscure’ types I’m compelled to use, though there was a pic some time ago that makes me want “tongue” vore:

There’s still plenty of ‘firsts’, variations, and fun to come that I have planned of course so I hope you all continue to look forward to more as I’m slowly able to get/do them. With all ...

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