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Please use the blacklist function by Moebius on Mon Aug 27, 2018 10:01 pm
I think anyone who follows me for any amount of time will notice that my content is really diverse when it comes to type of vore, stages of digestion and gender pairings. I feel a little conflicted when people who are not into what I draw end up seeing it, and I want to beg any of you that is not using it to blacklist any tag that correspond with content you would rather avoid! Here is a link if you don't know how, is super simple!
I try to tag all my stuff, specially sensitive content, so this way i can spare you any unwanted content!

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im taking a break for a while by KimberlyNSFW on Fri Feb 15, 2019 9:34 pm
might be bacc next month, idk


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Back up by shortprey20 on Fri Feb 15, 2019 8:08 pm
Well hello there fellow deviants!

So the good news, I got a job in my field! The bad new is that moving is super stressful and I have like zero time to do much of anything. To be actually quite honest...

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Lost and Lonesome by Septia on Fri Feb 15, 2019 7:30 pm
Wecome to Fithy Friday
You may have noticed a ack of a certain etter. A symbo which many ove, and usts for, shaped ike a chair seat.
My keyboard has been acting strange the past days, so far I have not...

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Welcome to Minako's Playhouse! by minakotomoka14 on Fri Feb 15, 2019 5:37 pm
I've just started a new Discord server! Minako's Playhouse is a server for all things macrophilic and vorish. There are several channels for discussion on topics of all kinds, including writing, anime,...

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The Goddess of the pond 121 by cccm on Fri Feb 15, 2019 5:35 pm
A new weird thing.


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Re: Comms stop by Monsterzone5 on Fri Feb 15, 2019 7:34 pm

Re: Is the m/m community dying? by Catalyst on Fri Feb 15, 2019 6:14 pm
I think with all the variety there is just so much to pick from
like sure you got the male and female vore stuff
but then you got herms
your traps
your futas
your "insert tumblr made up gender here*...

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Re: Welcome artists. by Chaotiquos on Fri Feb 15, 2019 6:13 pm
Welcome indeed =3

Re: What would be a great villain song for Umbra? by MisterEbony on Fri Feb 15, 2019 6:03 pm
There is no other possibility for me: Friends From the Other Side from the movie "Princess and the Frog"

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