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- March 2011
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First Blog: a long overdue introduction, and a request!

Permanent Linkby komaru on Fri Mar 25, 2011 10:37 pm

Hello all! I'm sure some of you reading this already know me, or have at least seen me on the forums, or maybe some of my work. I've been around this site for quite some time now, but I've realised that I've never really made a proper introduction here, mostly because I'm quite shy, and therefore appologize in advance for the shortness of the introduction >.>. For anyone reading this for the first time, and wondering just who I am, well, I'm (or mostly was) a visual pokemon artist, but after adding a few chapters to interactive stories (here, it was namely Halcyon's Pokemon Vore Story) I realised I enjoyed writing far more, although only having 2 stories under my belt thus far, I've been planning on starting some more in the near future. I've also got a couple of RP characters on the site here: Komaru and Komara Dawngazer (search Komara in the database, it's the only one that'll...

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