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And The Bible --

Permanent Linkby nephilim on Sat Mar 14, 2015 5:22 am

It did burst into flames.


Has it really been an entire month since I've last been on here?

Truly, it wasn't even a conscious decision. Simply put, there were several events in my life transpired that required all of my time and my dedication. Some good, some bad. They also took me away from my writing. But now I am back. And I will continue as I were. I'll shake off the literal rust and dust on Little Pill first, and then dive back into Devil's Back Bone. This unintended hiatus has injected me with so much creativity...

One of the major events that pulled me away from EP, was a state government issued subpoena to attend trial as a testimony-witness in front of my former employee and former partners. Basically, it would mean that - since it was a bench trial - I would be the key factor in determining who was lying, and who was telling the truth. Both parties would give separate testimonies without me being present, and then I would be called before the judge to be cross-examined. The great part about that, is that I wasn't the party at fault, just more of the 'tie-breaker' in a manner of speaking. The worst part about that, is that I had to build my own case and discovery file so that I could present "my" side of the story clearly and truthfully. And that required so much work and writing, you have no idea...

But, the one amusing tid-bit out of all of this, is that when I was asked to swear The Oath over the bible --

I nearly burst into a fit of the giggles. It just felt so wrong. And inappropriate.

Really, it was a most fortunate-miracle that it didn't burst into flames.

I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me Nephilim
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Re: And The Bible --

Permanent Linkby Imrhys on Mon Mar 16, 2015 7:19 pm

Ahahahaha, I feel the same way every time I'm asked to swear on a bible, ahahaha.

I'm glad that court case is behind you. That type of thing is a real PITA and time consuming, and a LOT of sitting and waiting at their leisure to see you. But hey, at least you weren't named in the suit, hehehe. Sing little birdie, SING! ^^
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