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Graphic Novel: Danny

Permanent Linkby nephilim on Sun Jun 08, 2014 11:30 pm

:arrow: Status as of 6/9/2014:
Danny's concept design is complete. You may view it here:
Next up, Nita's wound concept (and possibly the encounter that lead up to it)

Fun Fact: The artist insisted that Danny have a tattoo. So I left him to his own devices, and he came up with the design whole-cloth. I am very pleased with the outcome!
Our goal with Danny's character design was to capture his template of facial expressions. (To build upon them for additional facial cues in the future)
The aloof businessman; the innocent try-hard; the crazed-stare; and the casual, wolf smirk. We also wanted to capture the nuances and ambiguous intent behind them as well. It's always difficult to determine if Danny is being genuine throughout the entirety of the story, so we wanted to reflect that on paper.
Another key design feature, is that even in the black and white images, he will be retaining his eye color.

Oh, and I provided a censored version of the nude (;
I can't wait to start designing the vore scenes with this design.
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