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Little Pill
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Permanent Linkby nephilim on Sun Jun 21, 2015 6:19 pm

Wow. You guys :c
Seriously, you guys...

I am flattered that even after my long hiatus that there is still a genuine and sincere interest in my work.
400+ views in under 24 hours for Little Pill? I'm touched. I'm seriously touched.

Damn. You guys weren't fooling when you said you missed Danny and Heather. (And the rest of the gang; I miss them, too).
What an incredible motivator, too. Primarily I write for myself (it's my pressure-release valve for all of my insipid muses) but I also write for you my loyal and intrepid fan. Your passion begets my passion.

It's cyclical, you see.

Because of this
I've started re-drafting the pursuant chapters to Devil's Backbone. Expect a revival in a Big Way very soon.
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I like it dark ♥
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