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Looking to Hire: Artist

Permanent Linkby nephilim on Wed Apr 09, 2014 8:11 pm

I am on vacation next week, and this will give me plenty of time to ply my craft.

As mentioned in my earlier blog entries, I am in the early discussion stages with the independent publisher that roams this portal, to create a graphic novel for Revelations

As part of my proposal package, I need a few sample pages of what I intend the comic to look like. I have reached out to some people privately -- but I wanted to make a public announcement as well.

So here we are;

My call is going out to fans and non-fans alike. If you are an artist, and you are interested, please PM me. After I peruse your gallery I will make the determination if your style will mesh with mine. And if I feel fairly confident that you can capture the likeness of my characters, and tone of my work, I will have you create the sample set for me.

But because I do not believe in slave-driving; if you are chosen to create the sample pages for me, I will commission you for your time and effort.

And should the proposal package be accepted and the project is green-lighted for production (with your help), there will be an opportunity for a full-fledged collaboration and you will be commissioned by the publisher for your collaborative effort; as well as share in residual sales.

PM if you are interested
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