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The succubi species

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(Part 1 on Anatomy, feel free to ask any other questions afterwards in the comments!)

So succubi in my science-fantasy draft have blue blood, they are a lot heavier-built than normal humans, they have chameleon-like ability to disguise their forms and their tongues are really long and can extend long distances. They have ear-wings in their normal state, but can camouflage themselves to look mostly like humans. They love partying and having a good time while doing so. The succubi are also are omnivorous and they can easily snack on metal and gems like a gluttonous goat would. Their main weakness is they need to feed on souls every 14 months and act a lot like the traditional medieval version of succubi that use breathing to suction out souls. The remaining souls are filtered into their Soulgems, which act as storage devices for the succubi themselves

Incubi are pretty much the same, but their tailmaws (a type of pharyngeal jaw on their serpentine tails) can also ingest rats and mice in...

[ Continued ]
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Creating a game

Permanent Link by sabrina_diamond on Wed Feb 06, 2019 1:26 am

I'm creating a Visual Novel/Interactive fiction game, but I need the following illustrations as necessary art-requests:

[*] A drawing of a brown haired secretary (golden eyes included, with a smart office outfit) at a wooden desk with piles of paper. She has a stressed appearance
[*] A drawing of a carefree bakeneko cat dancing on two legs with a blue towel on its head
[*] A drawing of a coffe-coloured anthro werewolf casually devouring a student in an implied extra-softvore manner, bonus if it had a pudgy gut afterwards
[*] A drawing of Misako in plant-form getting into a discarded shopping-mannequin while inside a broom-closet.
[*] A drawing of Olapen in a mage's outfit studying from a tome (The Necronomicon)
[*] A drawing of Jhibukai (new npc)

Plus I'll probably need a few voice-actors for a few characters... Please inquire for more info!
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Check out my interactive story

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Please check out my newest interactive story called "The Haunted Hospital"

Halloween challenge

Permanent Link by sabrina_diamond on Sat Oct 27, 2018 3:41 am

Write a story or draw the scariest picture of any of my stories' characters! Can be vore, endo or hardvore themed, other inclusions can be guro, blood-drinking and/or possessions :-D Happy Halloween, don't let the werewolves bite! :lol:

Fun fact time!

Permanent Link by sabrina_diamond on Sat Sep 01, 2018 12:04 pm

So basically I have mild cerebral palsy, severe short-sightedness (-15), small lungs, mild hearing-loss, Asperger's Syndrome, lactose intolerance and slow digestion. I try to make the best of things though, it could always be worse!