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Post-christmas/new years wrap up

Permanent Linkby the_game on Sun Dec 30, 2012 12:33 pm


To all of you who bought me christmas gifts THANK YOU SO MUCH! You guys really brought a smile to my face when I really needed it. You know who you are so I shouldn't need to point you out in the crowd. In any case, just know that I feel humbled and very happy at the show of support in whats arguably a pretty tough time for me. Expect much hugs and snugs and potentially a request down the line when I catch you online~

In other news, as the new year rapidly closes in on us, I'm afraid to say with the issues surrounding my living arrangement, I will not have any access to high speed internet for a while, much less anything else. So no more livestreams and my art will be uploaded in batches for when I can drag my hide up to the public library or something, which will be a lot harder than it sounds x.x (moms place is way out in the sticks, at least a 20 mile drive to get to the library) So for what its worth I still wanna keep uploading and working and making lovely things for you all. Man of his people and all.

Anyways, I hope this living situation clears up quickly enough-- and I can not emphasize enough that I WILL STILL BE DOING PLENTY OF COMMISSION WORK. If you have an idea, please do not hesitate to throw it past me in a note or comment. I assure you I don't bite (much) and that I can be flexible with my pricing. :3 and lets be honest here, you're already here reading this journal, you must like my art-- what do you got to loose? :D

Faithfully your Ever-Drunken Artgator,

PS: what the fuck is with FA & Eka's and the HTML hate for blog entries? I must have spent 15 minutes fixing all my tags >:c stoopid site. *fist shake*

Pandora of the Now:

:Requests are for Friends Only: :Ask me about Trades: :Ask me about Collabs: :Commissions are ALWAYS Open: :Do not do commission for game currency (gaia gold, dA points, poopsmith rocketeer chips etc): :Gifts are for Friends Only: :Ask me about Kiribans:


COMMISSION INFO: ... d=the_game - Sorry to external link it, but it really is much easier that way and less cluttered
The short and long of it for those of you afraid to hit the link, I do work ranging from $5.00 to $40.00, depending on quality level and content. also do comics ranging from $35.00 to $55.00 per page. Also dont feel awkward, theres a very very short list of things I wont draw, so chances are what you want is a-ok~

Christmas Vore comic for Pregnant_Kim of Eka's (full color comic, 3 panal) (completion: 15%)
Yuki and Ceceilia Profile's for [XXXXX] (full color rp profiles) (completion: 85%)
Fatty fat fat-fat Templewick the Naga vore scene for Emm on dA (colored sketch) (completion: 10%)
Gift for Koki, sketch of his Naga avatar Adrian (sketch) (to be started)

Personal Projects
FurAffinity Gallery Setup (completeion: ??%) I dont know what else of my work to upload to it *flailflailflail*
Minecraft Gaijinka (completion: 2/16)
Fallout Crap- god knows when I'm gonna be able to do more of this...
League of Legends art (completion: when I get to it~)
Caligator Profile Page (completion: 50%)

Vore Kitty Doodle for :iconzignas: Trading for: Caligator Sketch

<img src="">
Tip Jar: ... 4MQG94F2NW
Even pocket change is accepted ; u; Tippers might just get some freebie arts here and there in my undying gratitude~
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I doodle things :D

~am also a fancy gator thing.
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