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Almost 1 Year since I started & Upcoming Comic Preview

Permanent Linkby tigercloud on Tue May 15, 2018 1:27 pm

Hey everybody!

First I want to say sorry for the lack of updates, it was because I wanted to create multiple images before uploading them all (Now I have 3 single images and a 3 Page Comic quite far). So it means I can submit all 6 image-files quite soon! I think I will do 1 image at a time in the future to avoid these long VOID-Times^^ Sorry for that!

Thanks for stepping by, I will attach the Comic-Lineart here in the bottom of this Blog-Entry.

Its now almost 1 Year since I started with drawing and I still remember how bad I was back then, I posted some Blog-Entries here and it was to be honerst quite fun, even if I had not to much feedback in these Blog-Entries. But I think I will do them from time to time, its a cool way to see how much you have improved.
I thank everybody which watch me (i.e. you!) and also helped me, like teaching some techniques and such stuff or just motiviating me with writing with me or comment my work and fave it! I think I've got never that far without some...

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Vore "Artist" Month 2 - Requests/trades closed

Permanent Linkby tigercloud on Sat Sep 30, 2017 6:08 pm

Note: This is a personal Blog, just about my progress/mind. It's mostly just for me. (Feel free to read and comment if you like xD)

Now month 2 is already over. ;3 I was really lazy this month, I just did 2 images - Every time I started a new Image it ended up in a mess and I could throw it away, so I was not able to post much...

I think I'm not really ready for Requests/Trades and should draw for myself until I'm more into it. I think my motivation will come back if I finish them all. I really want to offer my skills to the Community, but its creative work I can't just put on a button and draw. I think I also know why I messed it up so many started images for requests/trades. Because I think I have to finish them and they HAVE to look good, if they are for me, it wouldn't matter.

Long or Short I will close Requests and Trades until further notification, I can't promise that I will reopen them in the future~ Maybe^-^. I still have many...

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Vore "Artist" Month 1 - Much progress but a bit demotivated

Permanent Linkby tigercloud on Sat Sep 02, 2017 3:30 pm

Note: This is a personal Blog, just about my progress/mind. It's mostly just for me. (Feel free to read and comment if you like xD)

It's been awhile since I wrote here some stuff. The last time was after I finished my Basic-Practice Blog ( Try to get a vore artist - Personal Blog (Week 6) )...

I have to admit, I feel a bit lost the last time, so that's why I decided to go on with a small monthly Blog-Entry.

I don't feel that I made so much Progress, but looking back to my last Blog-Entry I've did a lot here.
  • I learned how to digitalize my drawings with Paint-Tool SAI easily
  • I learned a bit to handle colours on my drawings
  • I startet a little series with my OC
  • I finished my first Request.

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Try to get a vore artist - Personal Blog (Week 6)

Permanent Linkby tigercloud on Mon Jul 31, 2017 10:29 am

Note: This is a personal blog, just about my progress. It's mostly just for me. (Feel free to read and comment if you like xD)

So the 6th Week is over and this is the last entry for the "Basic-Practice"-Blog series^^ I finally finished all the Basic stuff and I'm able to do Drawings now. Even if I struggel a little with some poses, but I will learn the rest by itself x3 (Learning by doing)
This week was nothing special, I just try to draw some Full-Body characters and such stuff^^ I was also able to finish my drawing for the Vore-Day, which will be my first contribution to this ever >.<

And I will do requests from now on, see Rules here: - I'm a little dry of Ideas at the moment, so feel free to ask me stuff, if it matches the rules ;P

This was the last entry of this Series. Thanks for all those who motivated me from...

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Try to get a vore artist - Personal Blog (Week 5)

Permanent Linkby tigercloud on Sun Jul 23, 2017 5:04 pm

Note: This is a personal blog, just about my progress. It's mostly just for me. (Feel free to read and comment if you like xD)

This week was amazing x3 I made good progress with my drawing skills. I trained hands/feet and even did a vore-drawing which doesn't look bad (IMO). I finally get an Album here on Eka's, so I can upload my Vore-Stuff here too! I will keep Non-Vore and Practive-Stuff on DeviantArt to avoiding spam Users here^^'
I'm also happy that I got so many Comments or Messages from other Vore-Artists (also just from other Users^^), which makes me really happy^^ I also got a gift from madamemaeve, which is super nice from her <3 So I think some ppl liking my Art and this motivates me extremly to go on with this. I mean I made a good progress, if I have a look at practice drawings 1 month ago it was cruel ...

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