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World Cup Fever Cured by Conn on Sun Jun 18, 2006 11:05 pm
Well there went my week off work thinking that I could relax and watch some of the worlds best entertain me whilst I recuperated but alas apart from a few teams its been incredibly underwhelming so far. In other sports related news my ROH tickets came through yesterday thus if anyone else is going to the Liverpool show in august I may very well bump into ya :D

Hmm other news well my close friends keep me going so thanks to Jizzal,Chrisis,Watcher,Servus & Kisiro sorry for anyone I forgot to mention and I'll hopefully have something more important or interesting to say next time.

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Night in the Woods So Far... by DarkArtist on Thu Mar 02, 2017 2:22 pm
Has been pretty good.

I got the game from a friend as part of a commission, which I hope to work on and maybe finish sometime before the weekend. But I have to say, I may have gotten myself into another feels game, something I haven't since Undertale.

When I got the game, a friend of mine had made mention of it being a "rust belt furry game." Which was the first time I think I really heard the term "rust belt." Apparently something that has been going on up north(And arguably in other places) due to the loss of manufacturing jobs and the changes in the economy that has greatly effected local economies and places that had alot of buisness thanks to them. The town itself in the game is one such town and it shows.

I have come to love the main cast so far and slowly beginning to relate to Mae and what she seems to be going through(Though with less Crime).

By part 2 however, it is when I began to realize this game is going to leave me a mess by the end of it all. I went...

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Happy New Year, everyone! by dragonjerky on Mon Jan 01, 2018 6:35 am
First of all, thanks again to all the wonderful people who have fav'd my work, watched my profile and made comments! It means a lot, especially since I don't have much artwork uploaded yet.

That being said, 2018 is a new year! Hopefully it goes better than 2017 did. I've had a lot of stuff happen lately and it's really gotten me down. I apologize to those waiting for me to upload new stuff.

There's still two more weeks left of winter break, so I'm hoping to get something else uploaded before I have to dive back into school work. Time permitting, I'll try to upload more naughty pictures for you fine folks during the semester. However, I know how last semester went and I'm not going to make any guarantees. Once summer rolls around, I'll have 3 whole months of free* time! Hopefully I can use most of it for vore art. Though... I do have other hobbies and interests that distract me sometimes. Many apologies if this reads really weird. I'm still burning off some New Year's vodka!

*I'll still...

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Patreon update for october by Audax on Mon Oct 01, 2018 12:12 pm
IMPORTANT UPDATE I HAVE DECIDED TO PUT THE OCTOBER'S MONTH ON A HOLD, AS I SAID BEFORE YOU WONT BE CHARGED WHEN NOVEMBER COMES (IF SOMEONE KNOWS PATREON PAYMENTS SYSTEM TELL ME SO IF I ACTIVATE IT BACK IN NOVEMBER YOU GET OCTOBER CHARGED i decided this to use this "free" month to work out a drawing routine that goes along with my new job so i will still draw stuff and chat with you, will probably stream and do other interactions with you guys. also commissions and requests are still open I AM GOING TO DRAW SEPTEMBERS REWARDS IN THESE DAYS WHEN IM FINALLY SETTLED IN And btw, its official, with semptember's paycheck im gonna be able to buy a new tablet! i will keep you guys updated on the thing, but thank you guys very much! i love you all :3

Many thanks to my lovely patrons:

-Adrian crow







-Lemon Drop




-Mr vain



-Samuel Rathiel


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YCH #3 Ends tonight by Suibelly on Wed Jul 01, 2015 2:46 pm
My third YCH is ending this evening, so be sure to bid if you're still interested!

As for my other two YCHs they have one week left!

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