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Trying too hard by Radijs on Mon Jan 12, 2009 7:44 pm
Maybe I am, maybe I'm not.
Its been over a year since I wrote my last unbirthing story and about a week ago I thought I'd give it another whirl. So I got out my laptop and started writing with a concept that was suggested to me once by TheWatcher. Or at least I think it was him, where one woman unbirths another woman, and a man, who is in turn unbirthed by the second woman while in the womb of the first. Sounds complicated, think of those russian dolls.
So I began to write, rough outline of the story in my head, and I just got so hung up on the why and the how and how to keep it all believable. In the end I managed about a single block of text past the initial introduction before I got the idea that this was never going to work. It was going seem like a bad sci-fi story where the technology is invented exclusively to make this story work.
Am I really trying too hard? Or would it be...

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Just a heads up on Commissions + art dump by TreeckoOfTime on Fri Jul 13, 2018 4:35 am

Made a post in my art thread kinda dealing with commissions, and a small art dump of things I've made over the past while.

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What kind of firepower are we dealing with? by Jacquelope on Fri Jul 06, 2018 4:44 am
Over the years I've thrown around a lot of numbers regarding what humans and fairies of the Imperishable Legacy universe can do and what firepower humans have, so let's try and assemble all of this into one scale-of-energy, shall we?

A five megaton explosion is the maximum yield you can expect from a Nosharti when she goes suicidal... which is thankfully almost as rare as your odds of seeing a nuclear explosion in the real world. Though in a war situation such suicidal detonations are more likely to happen, but it's still rare. Colossal suicide explosions like that are unique to the Nosharti, or what humans call Goth fairies.

Nivalavi fairies and other fairy-human halfbreed groups can toss high kiloton-level blasts that aren't suicidal unless done up close. But when they're absorbing someone for additional mana they can fire them off repeatedly, like machine guns. This isn't standard operating procedure for the Nivalavi in the time of 25th century Earth because they prefer to capture...

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YAY EVERYTHING DOESN'T SUCK ANYMORE! by Catboy_Mahado on Wed Sep 26, 2007 3:56 pm
I just got off the phone with Katy, and everything's good, I'm still going to join the stupid fraternity, blah blah, still no love for Justin, but I guess that's how life's supposed to fucking go. Okay, love still sucks, but at least I'm not at emo levels of depression anymore.

Also, Reiko? I wasn't trying to blow you off!
REEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIKOOOOOOO! COME BACK TO MEEEEEEEEEEEE! I MADE YOU A MUFFIN!!!!! *has a giant muffin with Starfire and Raven sticking out of it*
Starfire: Miss Reiko, please come back! I need you to free me from this giant baked good!
Raven: ...this muffin feels so good... gonna cum...
(Yes, I'm horrible)

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A positivity journal!! by Terraaah on Tue Oct 13, 2015 6:50 pm
Yaaaay! It's time for some smiles!! And not the derpy kinda smiles my silly comic diary brings! Hopefully a bit more heartfelt smiles!

SO YAH! Today I'm feeling like writing positive things! SO I SHALL!

So I've been on Eka's for about two years now! I was introduced to the site by a friend who was really into vore art. And as I had a chicken character they told me to make a chicken account. XD

I was kinda....iffy about the idea. MOSTLY BECAUSE THEIR SUGGESTION FOR THE USERNAME SUCKED ASS. XD I don't even remember it. The trauma center of my mind has erased it for good.

But yeah. That was actually like a year or two BEFORE I actually joined Eka's. But the thought of the site was planted into my weird mind. So later I ended up joining! I was kinda weirded out by the system that ya gotta ask someone for gallery permissions!! I was scared that I might not get one. XD BUT LUCKILY I DID! YEEEY!

I even got warned by Eka that the people on this site aren't as eager at commenting as on...

[ Continued ]

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