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Work experiment, Kiriban at DA & possible Discord server by A0IISA on Fri May 13, 2016 2:18 pm
Hiya, sometime since the last update. I’ve been meaning to give ya folks for some time but time and energy didn’t give me chance.

First, I’ve started this Monday (9th of May) a work experiment (is that a right word in English?) until to the 3rd of June. Work there has been drying my energy as my legs go painfully sore standing for hours, but today my feet has been getting used to it so I should be able to do much after work as month goes on.

And also I’ll be doing Kiriban on 75,000th pageview on my DA page! Just snap a legitimate screen cap and you’ll get a drawing (just as long as it’s what I’m willing to do).

And now I’ve been considering about the having a Discord server, where you can chat with me and others, even maybe have a voice chats, especially during the streams, but until that can happen, I’ll need a live voice morpher. Well, even if server won’t happen, I’ll sure try get a voice for my streams. You could give me your opinion on the idea.

And las...

[ Continued ]

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1st and last blog entry on this site by AuraDrak on Sun Feb 14, 2016 9:14 pm
Hello everyone, and no, you didn't read the title wrong, this is my first and last blog on this site. The reason being... well, I'm leaving Eka's Portal. I know for those few who watch me here, I'm sorry. I know those RP's are interesting to read, but you won't be seeing more of them here. However, I won't be shutting down the account, so that you can read those if you do like them.

The main reason I'm leaving... Well, I'm a Christian, and after praying about it, and seeing how much this site is making me go deeper into sin, I have to leave. If my church saw me on this site, or my family, I would most likely be shun out of them. So, I have to leave. I'm also leaving the characters that I created only for this site here. Feel free to use them, if you like. Just say that their your own OC's, not mine, if posted on other sites.

Anyway, for those who will miss me, fear not, for I will be on other sites! Here is a link to those other sites. One rule, don't say where you found me,...

[ Continued ]

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Turd poll by GaseousEntity on Thu Jan 10, 2019 11:36 pm
I'm still working on the next round of TTOT, but I've missed the excitement of the polls I had posted. The Ariana Grande story seems to have well received, so I probably will make a celebrity TTOT at some point. In that spirit, I would like to include one (maybe two) internet celebrities on the roster. This poll isn't to choose who fills the ranks, but it'll give me an idea of what you all like. Feel free to comment if there's someone not on the poll that you feel strongly about.

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FA profile by drpolice on Wed Feb 10, 2016 8:36 pm
I've put up my FA link in this profile. I'll probably upload stuff on both profiles.

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The World pg 20 progress by DarkCloset on Sun Feb 05, 2017 1:35 am
Just uploaded the last panel sketch to the comic next step is finalize the line and background which you will be able to see if you become a patron for only $1.00.


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