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The $50-$99 Matchbox Ford Explorer 04 by Kooshmeister on Fri Sep 20, 2019 5:22 am
A crushed (post Tyrannosaurus attack) version of Jurassic Park's Explorer 04 is due in an upcoming wave of Matchbox's pretty excellent Jurassic World series of die cast, as well as a battle pack with a grungier deco. Along with Jeep 10, the damaged Explorer is a vehicle fans have been wanting for a while now, to the point where many were taking their own regular Matchbox Explorers and taking a hammer to them to create the look of the vehicle after Rexy has gotten through using it for a chew toy (some people have also done the same thing with Eddie's Mercedes, "Santana," from The Lost World).

But Mattel hearing people's pleas for a trashed version of the iconic Explorer isn't the reason for this journal. No. It's the absurdity of this eBay listing:


I know he's the only one offering them on eBay because...

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Thank you. by radmann on Fri Sep 20, 2019 4:23 am
Thank you all for enjoying my stories <3 I don’t plan on going anywhere, but I appreciate how patient everyone is, especially if certain stories aren’t to your liking. Thank you for sticking around :) I hope I can continue to write stories you all enjoy and love.

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coughs by Eurykins on Fri Sep 20, 2019 1:05 am

It's been like almost a year I think SO here's another journal!

I haven't really drawn in about a year, which was at first something that kind of fucking sucked but I think I honestly needed the break even if it was forced. Art gave me a lot of anxiety before so in lieu of being able to draw I took care of a lot of things I'd been neglecting. So.

My arm is still kind of weird from time to time in that there will be days where I'm aware of it aching or giving out in small ways it never did before I initially injured myself. It doesnt ache at rest anymore and I can type and play vidya games just fine. Ok so I lied I HAVE drawn in VERY small amounts with ridiculous infrequency, but truth be told I am so terrified I'll fuck up my arm again that I've kind of put art on the backburner.

The fact that I'm making this journal at all though I feel says something about my willingness to give art another chance. SO. I've been pretty awful about building and maintaining muscle but I think I'm...

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Cleared Queu by Crash on Fri Sep 20, 2019 12:10 am
I'm wrapping up the last story I have and will be completely open to take more writing commissions. The Sin's Servitude ones are open as well, just need some takers. Brief synopsis of my commissions:

Regular writings:
$15 for the first 1,000 words
+$5 for every 500 words after
+$10 for each taboo (No-no) topics:

Doesn't have to be vore, can be detailed reference, action scenes, fight scenes, or ,gasp, long stories...

Sin's Servitude:
Same rules as above but the starting cost is $8 for the first 1,000 words and no taboo topics what so ever.

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A Small Update by ZeldaNoVorsu on Thu Sep 19, 2019 10:24 pm
Hello, Audience! It has been a while since I've done one of these, but I figured it was about time. First, some administrative news. You may have noticed that I've been posting my stories as PDFs lately. While this preserved my formatting exactly as I liked it, this made them difficult to view for phone users. I would rather have some of the formatting be stripped by Eka's weirdness than make my stories difficult to read, so I have undone this change. All recent stories are now in the more accessible Word 93 -07 format. Secondly, the Link's Awakening remake comes out tomorrow (or today) depending on when you read this. This will likely slow my production somewhat as I will be balancing my time even more than I already am. Sorry but what good is being a Zelda fan if you never play the games?! On to story news, the Bowsette saga has wrapped up with the two-part finale, so be sure to check that out. The new CYOA, UNDERSMASH,...

[ Continued ]

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