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- April 2015
No more lurking!
   Thu Apr 09, 2015 5:03 pm


No more lurking!

Permanent Linkby vore2412 on Thu Apr 09, 2015 5:03 pm

Well, I guess since I post semi-frequently I'm not truly a lurker, but this would be my first kind of "about me" blog, so here I go.

I've been on Eka's for quite a few years, don't really have any special skills to offer except game testing and proofreading (I am quite strict with mine own spelling and grammar, I don't really hold people to my standards though). As far as pertinent info. for Eka's goes, I prefer to be prey somewhere 90% of the time, and my vore preferences at this time are as follows: First, I love Breast vore, whether cleavage or nipple, simply love the thought of being consumed by a lovely pair of breasts and becoming part of them, no matter how impossible that actually may be. Next I would have to say at this time Oral soft vore, with or without digestion, is great, the thought of passing a lovely set of lips, feeling the caress of a tongue as it pulls me to my ultimate destination as food, to be digested, absorbed, or let out the other end without harm...its...

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