Update to this site: Operation Server move

Postby Eka ยป 27 Feb 2019, 20:31

Sorry for the delay! First, I apology for the time it took to come up with something. Finding an ideal location for our questionable content is more complicated. We decided to take our time and get a place where we won't run into problem first before we commit. Also, please understand that we get no money from this site. We take no commission and shows no ads, nor do we beg for money from people or give anyone special treatment for donation. So, when real life issue come up like sickness and family problem, those take priority, and once again we apologize for the delay as a result.

Moving on! A few things to update for you guys:

1. Over this weekend, between March 1st and March 3rd, expect temporary interruption. We will be updating our configuration to get ready for the server move.

2. Over the next week, between March 2rd to March 8th, chatroom will be moved to a temporary location. Also, expect interruption.

3. On March 10th, the entire site (minus the chat) will go down to prepare for data transfer and transportation of the server

4. Estimated around March 15th - March 20th. Our old server will be in a new location that better fits the type of content we wish to host to give us the flexibility to provide service and policy that fit our vision.

Extra few things:

a) This is not a complete plan. We still need a new server, as our current server is very old and probably not fit for traveling.

b) This is where everything will come in place. We will be hosting fundraise on our temporary outage page. Hopefully, we will get enough funding for our future server. Our donation address as follow:
Choice #1 (Patreon):

Choice #2 (Paypal):

c) We will provide updates via https://twitter.com/aryion during all downtime. Also, our RP discord server is still going to be active. Link here https://discord.gg/brVwqzG Along with our RP chatrooms https://rp.aryion.com

d) Currently, we are NOT committing to any policy change or reversal. Things are staying as it is written in our rule. Please continue to follow them! We will have update when there are rule changes! Everyone will be informed!

1. Are there any kind of dataloss to be expected?
A: No dataloss for anyone anywhere on aryion.com is expected. No resubmimssion of any kind is necessary. This is just a server move. No software changes are expected.

2. When is the the downtime exactly?
A: Estimated between March 10 to March 20. +/- 5 days.

3. How are we going to be informed?
A: Just check https://aryion.com. The page will still be up.

4. Are there any other changes?
A: If it was not specifically stated, there are no changes. When we are going to change anything we will specifically tell everyone.

We will continue to post update here, mean while, stay tuned!
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