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Re: Less and less Felarya stories/writers

Postby ToonTownLoony » Mon Sep 19, 2022 8:54 am

When I first started years ago there was a somewhat strict quality control of writing on the DA Felarya group (My username was AmericanHero45 at the time in case anyone from there can remember it). I didn't really appreciate it at the time as someone learning to write creatively and draw but man, I learned some of my best writing advice from that and I wish that QC was still there, as time went on the mods rotated or left and the writing quality went downhill. I think that and the creators of some of my favorite characters (like Blazbaros for example) left the community and the porn kinda overshadowed the stories and the vore.

That said I do have a story in mind of a one-time crossover with my newish world of Voromanti, just waiting on permission from the big guy to actually namedrop it instead of just implying it.
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