The Vore Dream thread (Official)

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Re: The Vore Dream thread (Official)

Postby Marco » Wed Feb 13, 2019 1:51 pm

Has anyone else had a dream about vore art as opposed to dreaming of actually being eaten/eating someone/seeing someone being eaten? This happened to me years ago (I forgot which year, but it was definitely the New 10s) and I dreamed that I found a vore drawing that doesn't exist.

It was a post vore drawing of a dog, specifically the dog that eats Furrball at the end of the Tiny Toon Adventures episode "Optical Intrusion" (I can't remember how accurate the drawing was) and it was after he had eaten Furrball, and was sat up with a full stomach, which he may have been resting a paw on. A speech bubble had the dog saying something like "Here's to Furrball for not paying attention." implying that he got eaten for that reason, even though it has nothing to do with it, if you watch the episode.
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Re: The Vore Dream thread (Official)

Postby Jayezox » Thu Feb 14, 2019 1:33 am

I had a weird dream a while ago that I was in my RP character’s POV, but I wasn’t really him. For some reason, him and another RP character (not mine) were going on a haunted cart inside a circus tent. There were very few things outside flashing lights then toward the end the camera pans out and shows the interior design of the circus tent and the layout of the ride until it stops at a glowing red pit in the middle. They fall down the pit and get swallowed by a dragon with only the neck and head showing emerged from the pit. Text at the bottom of the screen read "they fell down a hole and got swallowed by an unnamed dragon." I guess I was on a computer screen the whole time during the dream.

I wonder if I do this too much when I start dreaming it.
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Re: The Vore Dream thread (Official)

Postby DragonPrey3200 » Tue Mar 05, 2019 6:14 pm

I had a dream last night that involved two vore encounters. One was discovering an alien snake-worm creature that would swallow anything put in front of it, and I remember standing in front of it, and it swallowed me. Then later, I came across a room full of a bunch of CGI looking plants. One of them was a real, live Cowplant. And I had the ability to mentally click on it like how you can click on stuff in the Sims, and an action menu would appear, with one action being "Eaten". I selected that one, and the cowplant lunged at me and ate me, and then I remember sliding down the stem, and then I woke up.
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Re: The Vore Dream thread (Official)

Postby MagicMarco » Sat Mar 30, 2019 11:22 am

I had some short "episodes" involving vore.

One was me in a grocery store and there was a snake next to me and as I became lucid in the dream I made the snake eat me. It was really quick but fun. :-D

Another time I had a lucid dream standing on a cliff and jumping into the water where I had a shark eat me. In both cases I could feel the insides of the stomachs but the dreams didn't last long after that.

Then I had a vore-dream that was a little longer and also not lucid. So everything played out without me steering the dream. It began with me in underwear being out in a storm, almost a hurricane. I tried to get to a house near the sea (I dreamed I was in Florida I think). But the wind was too strong and I thought that I had to get cover somewhere else. So I jumped down into a large well.
(Boy was I wrong... :roll: :wink: )
Down in the well it was dry and I was in a little cave, but not save at all because there was a giant toad across from me. The monster toad was about two meters long, but not as tall as me. The toad was white and slimy with purple ridges on its back. It eyed my almost naked body and I tried to back away, but there was no other way out of the well and I couldn't climb out of it...

Cornered by the monster toad it quickly came closer to me and it's sticky tongue shot out and pulled me into the big maw. I was swallowed in a second and I landed in its stomach. The stomach was white and purple like the toad. I remember feeling actual real claustrophobia inside the stomach.But that fear made the dream really hot. I still jerk off to the memory of that dream :-D
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Re: The Vore Dream thread (Official)

Postby TacoRaptor » Fri Apr 05, 2019 2:49 am

When I was in preschool, I had a dream I got eaten by Barny the Dinosaur. One of my classmates I was friends with said he also had a dream he got eaten by Barny. He was on the set on the show and Barny chased him around until he caught him and ate him. In my dream, I met Barny in a room somewhere. Maybe the show set too. I don't remember. Barny had a bright colored mohawk and an ectric guitar. He said he was working in self impryand changing himself/reinventing himself. He got some punk hair and was rewriting his theme song to be heavy metal. He started demoing it for me. I said it was cool and better than his old song. Barny seemed please and said his okd sing was really gay and he didn't like it anymore and it needed a change. Then he listed things he was changing out himself and said, "Oh yeah... I'm also changing my diet. I'm a T-rex, so I need some meat for crying out loud! So I decided to start eating kids. I'm going to have to eat you now. Sorry! Then I was basically like, Oh shit! And started trying to run away. Barny started playing metal with his electric guitar though, and it was magic or something because it like levitated me in the air over his head and dropped me down his throat and I couldn't get away.
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Re: The Vore Dream thread (Official)

Postby DarkestShadow150 » Mon Apr 08, 2019 1:05 pm

In my dreams It tends to switch from the style of vore (meaning oral, anal, etc.) but it all ends being reformed and creating a relationship with the pred
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Re: The Vore Dream thread (Official)

Postby Tangentg » Mon Apr 08, 2019 2:30 pm

Pretty much how my character Lurlina was conceived, except I gave her size manipulation powers too to conform to my micro/macro tastes. I thought this was more sophisticated than any original character I tried to come up with beforehand, and grew to love her. She became my first original character that I loved and felt attached to.

So I went to a bar with a friend and sees this girl with a red cloak, with fake wolf ears on her hoodie. This girl eyes me, in a hungry way, and licks her lips at me. My friend, not facing her, whispers to me this following description of her:

"There was this werewolf girl who makes up a new name when approaching a each new would-be victim. During daytime, she’d look for someone she considers tasty and fitting as her meal when she becomes a wolf. She’d approach the person and try to seduce them. Then get to know them and such, as if she was really interested in that person. Finally, she’d ask for a date in a place where few people or no people are around, like an alley. Before she turns into a werewolf, she’d get to the place and get ready, so she could attack the unknowing prey (she doesn’t really have much human consciousness as a wolf, that’s why she needs to go to the place and get ready before she transforms). She normally wears an outfit that resembles little red riding hood, with fake wolf ears on her hood, as a warning to her true werewolf self, if anyone is actually "smart" enough to pick up that reference and not go to the date, she won’t eat you even if she sees you after the date.

She goes to places like bars to look for people she thinks looks tasty to eat, and tries to hook up with them, enticing them. Then she asks stuff like ‘when are you next coming here again?’ ands says she’ll meet you here again next time, which she does. She will continue this and get progressively closer with you until she asks for the date scheduled for what would be the night of the full moon. Even if you decline, she tells you she’ll be there in case you change your mind. So the accepting/rejecting then and there isn’t what counts.

If you don’t end up going to the date, she considers you to have her figured out and she no longer actively approaches you further if she sees you again. So really you have plenty of chances to survive, simply stop seeing her.

On the night she heads to the designated venue and removes her clothing to some place she remembers as human but hard to spot so her wolf form doesn’t unintentionally damages her clothes. She then waits for her imminent transformation. She typically only shows her wolf form to her victim during that night so unless you’re early, you won’t see her transform.

She also feels no guilt or remorse over eating people."

Also she's not supposed to have human thoughts in wolf form according to the dream but for the purposes of vore RP I retain her human thoughts even when she's in wolf form. Since her name changes with every victim, she never had a proper name, just the alias "wolf-girl", but a friend urged me to give her a canonical name, so after some info searching, I came up with "Lurlina Wulf", but even that is just a "canonical" name the character gave herself, and no one actually knows her real name, so that she could continue eating people.
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Re: The Vore Dream thread (Official)

Postby Someone92 » Fri Apr 12, 2019 5:11 am

Revently I had a dream that slightly related to vore. While typing it down to share it here, I remembered another one from years ago.

I had this dream a few weeks ago. Even though it was very disturbing, for some reason it did not stress me out or felt like a nightmare.
Spoiler: show
I lived in an utopian surveillance state. As long as you followed the laws and rules you lived a good live. Break the rules, and you get a warning via e-mail. Break them three times and you were taken away and brought to a "Reeducation and dinning camp" or something along those lines; it sounded silly, so many people did not took it serious.
So, I was standing along with some other troublemakers inside an outdoor cage on a hill near said camp. The entire inside of the cage was an escalator, and several of us were standing on each step. From time to time the escalator moved down, and the people on the lowest step were taken inside.
Eventually it was my turn, and I was taken inside. I do not remember if what happened inside happened to myself in the dream, or I watched it happened to other people.
Inside the camp, you lied down on a very slow moving conveyor belt. Along the way, you (or at least the person in my dream) transformed / was transformed into Ronald McDonalds (WTF). At the end of the belt a human-sized Cthulhu-like creature awaited that would eat you alive very slowly (at the same speed the belt moved; did I mentioned it moved very slowly?); because you were transformed into McDonalds, you would survive it until it eats your head.
Afterwards, you were reformed, and very rarely people who experiencing this broke the rules again.

Back in 2011 and 2012 I was far more active in the chat, and had the following dream. It's so long ago that I might misremember some details, but I still remember the gist of it. And stragely, even though this dream align itself well with my fantasies, it was actually terrifing and I woke up distressed.
Spoiler: show
The earliest thing I can remember about the dream is that I was standing in dimly lit room. It was about 4x6 meters big, and the floor was made of a soft carpeted floor with foam padding or something like that underneath. The walls and ceiling were made out of mirrors, though I only noticed that once the light turned on.
As the lights turned on I saw two former hot classmates of mine standing across the room, both completely naked. Lets call them E and C. At this moment I realized that I was also naked. A female voice welcomed the audience to today's sex match, and briefly explained the rules; whoever makes the other team orgasm first wins. As I was more than a little perplexed about the whole situation, didn't want to harm them, and two hot women were trying their hardest to pin me down and get me off it was a quick and one-sided match.
I lied on the ground supine and was basking in the afterglow of my orgasm, when suddenly my whole body became tense and I was unable to move my entire body; all I could move was my eyes as well as my head, but only a few centimeters in any direction.
The female announcer then declared that the nano-machines in my body have paralysed me, the loser, and the winner, E and C, can now decide how to finish me off. I was anxious about the phrasing of this, which only got worse as she explained which options they had.
They could either fuck me to death (for some reason I knew that the nano-machines would prevent me from going limp, as well as making sure to be able to cum again and again until my body would just give up), suffocate me (for some reason I knew that this would involve a lot of face-sitting) or shrink me down. For this option, I didn't know what it would involve, but I would shortly learn it, as they chose that option.
Then they quickly grew larger, until I realized that not they have grown, but I shrank. After several seconds, I was reduced to a size of about 10 to 20 centimeters. C picked up my still paralysed body, bend my arms above my head, lied on her back, spread her legs and showed me feet-first into her vagina until I was about hip-deep. She hold my body in place by clamping the sides of her index and middle finger. Then I noticed she also had turned towards E, because out of the corner of my eye I saw E approaching my head with her crotch. They positioned themselves into a scissoring position while E shoved my upper body into her vagina.
Now I was stuck partly in both of her vaginas, and they started to grind at each other. I had role-played very similar scenarios, and such a scenario was and still is a huge turn-on for me, but being in the situation myself was terrifing. I still couldn't move my body (not that I had much room to move, anyway), it was hot and humid, and I could barely breath. That they got wetter and wetter didn't helped either, more than once I accidently inhaled some femcum, and had to cough heavily. I could feel her moans vibrating through her bodies, and their vaginas contracted around me in quicker and quicker intervals. I knew they were getting closer and closer to orgasm.
Eventually, they both screamed in pleasure together, their vaginas squeezing me tightly, and more and more femcum flooded in. As they firmly pressed their crotches against each other the fumcum just accumulated until I was fully submerged by it.
I don't remember what exactly happened next, just that I was suddenly standing or sitting in a darkened arena. In the middle of the arena was the "ring" I just had my sex match in. It became apparent that the mirrors surrounding and covering the ring were in fact one-way mirrors, and because the inside was well-lit you could look in, but not out. Above the ring were several big flatscreen monitors, relatively small ones directly above it, and bigger and biggers ones further up so everyone in the arena could have a good view of the sex match.
I was in the front row, and was close enough to see E and C in scissoring position getting each other off directly. The screens were full of data from their nano-machines about their physical condition. I didn't unterstand what it all meant, but somehow I knew that it told me that they were close to orgasm. At this time I noticed that the crowd was on edge, and when they orgasmed the whole arena, me alongside them, screamed and cheered.
While E and C basked in the afterglow of their own ogasms it became quieter, and I could her comments from other guests such as that they always loved such one-sided handicap sex matches, that they would love to participate once themselves, but you know, the stakes are too high, how watching a man get utterly dominated always gets them so wet, or that they were disappointed that they did not witnessed one of those rare upsets.
After a while, everyone focused on the ring again. E and C, who up until this point still had been in their scissoring position, separated from each other turned towards my side of the audience and spread their legs. The cameras focused on their crotches so everyone who wasn't as fortunate as me having them face into my direction could see what happened next. They flexed their lower abdomens, and alongside a lot of femcum gushed out bones from their vaginas, almost a complete skeleton. The audience laughed, cheered and whistled, but I froze. E apparently had some issues, and had to press a few times. Eventually a skull popped out of her vagina and rolled around on the ground a few seconds before it stopped to move.
At this point I woke up.
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Re: The Vore Dream thread (Official)

Postby ckeekyzekey » Tue Apr 16, 2019 1:39 am

I had this one dream where a beautiful blonde was seducing me playfully. Then, the dream slipped to her bathing in milk while drinking it, the tub full of Cheerios or rice or something like that. I had been looking at vore and photomanipulations that night, so it was safe to assume that that milk was my remains. It’s a dream I won’t (and can’t) forget. I had it, like, two weeks ago and it still ‘haunts’ me
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Re: The Vore Dream thread (Official)

Postby tuc1357 » Tue Apr 16, 2019 9:53 pm

I recently had a vore dream. Much of the dream itself was bland and unmemorable, but at the end, for some reason, I was being eaten by Undyne from undertale. She started at my feet, and was swallowing me an inch at a time. I could feel her lips slowly creeping up my legs. When she was around my thighs, I guess she decided to speed things up. She picked me up and held me vertically, so gravity would help pull me in down into her mouth. I started sliding in faster, still relatively slow, but faster.

However, once I was inside, I found myself half falling half sliding down a fleshy tube. It wasn't perfectly smooth like an esophagus, but was more like a large intestine with occasional folds. And for some reason, Undyne's flesh on the inside was yellowish green. Despite Undyne being more or less my size, the tube was very spacious, wider than Undyne herself. And it was far too long to even come close to fitting into her belly. Sliding down it was rather like sliding down a waterslide, I distinctly remember feeling the slick surface and moisture. Anyway, I never did hit a stomach, but instead the tube leveled off until it was horizontal, and I slid to a stop. I woke up around then. A pity really, I would have liked to explore her a bit more.
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Re: The Vore Dream thread (Official)

Postby JediPadawanJess » Thu Apr 18, 2019 11:11 pm

My recent dream involved Kurama (from Naruto) attacking Konoha, and I was a kunoichi that was swallowed by him during his rampage, he devoured more villagers and ninjas.
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Re: The Vore Dream thread (Official)

Postby Debodab66 » Fri Apr 19, 2019 7:46 am

Yesterday I had a dream that I was gonna meet Hayley williams the singer of paramore and some how She shrunk me down and played with me at the end she ate me , It was so hot maybe I dreamt about this because I was fan girling about her on instagram before I went to bed.
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Re: The Vore Dream thread (Official)

Postby ArcaneSigil » Fri Apr 19, 2019 4:22 pm

Latest from last night.

I fell through a portal into the world of My Little Pony. I was still human, so it was mildly weird since I was the only HiE (I know there are millions of fics that are HiE but this was a DREAM and I've only read like... five of those, so sue me). I wound up in Ponyville litterally by accident after bouncing off of a dragon that was flying over Equestria, then I hit a cloud, which I slipped through as if it had opened up and swallowed me. My clothes were gone, so I was free falling naked through the air over Equestria when I bounced off of Gilda, knocking her from the air (Little tidbit... I still don't like Gilda). That impact SOMEHOW sent me to Mount Aeris, where I bounced off of Queen Novo's rump (no I was not a micro), which SOMEHOW bounced me to Canterlot where I landed, SOMEHOW, perfectly in Luna's pussy and got sucked inside. Dream fast forwards, I'm reborn as a pony... but Celestia's pissed that I "violated her sister" so she eats me. I don't remember how I wound up in Ponyville, but apparently I got eaten by Pinkie Pie (go figure...) I wake up before digestion, but that was WEIRD AS HELL... anyway... I might upload new dreams I have as they come. I like the idea of a vore dream thread. Some of them I might spew out as stories if I can remember enough detail, like this one (which won't get a story), to see what ya'll think.
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Re: The Vore Dream thread (Official)

Postby HungryNacho » Fri Apr 19, 2019 8:35 pm

Marco wrote:Has anyone else had a dream about vore art as opposed to dreaming of actually being eaten/eating someone/seeing someone being eaten? This happened to me years ago (I forgot which year, but it was definitely the New 10s) and I dreamed that I found a vore drawing that doesn't exist.

I've totally dreamed about finding vore art in my dreams as well. can't remember anything as of right now what the vore art was. but I do remember waking up very disappointed the vore art wasn't real.

I've also dreamed Occasionally about being eaten as well either being eaten by some monster or dinosaurs. I've also dreamed rarely about getting eaten by a character or thing I want to be eaten by. It does happen it's just hardly ever happens sadly.
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Re: The Vore Dream thread (Official)

Postby Celestia » Sun Apr 21, 2019 6:19 am

Marco wrote:Has anyone else had a dream about vore art as opposed to dreaming of actually being eaten/eating someone/seeing someone being eaten? This happened to me years ago (I forgot which year, but it was definitely the New 10s) and I dreamed that I found a vore drawing that doesn't exist.

Yep. I’ve had that dream before. The dream goes a bit like this. I’m browsing the web for art of my favorite vore scenario, that being girls being prepared as sandwiches before being eaten, and I stumble across an artist that almost exclusively makes content of that scenario. Drawings, stories, animations, they do it all and it’s super high quality work too. But when I wake up I can’t remember their user name or where I found their art. It’s super frustrating.
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Re: The Vore Dream thread (Official)

Postby cranberryknights1 » Sun Apr 21, 2019 3:12 pm

Had a dream plus size model Ashely Graham and actress Scarlett Johansson were in some kind of fight or wrestling match in a ring and Ashely cannon ball jumped off the top ropes onto Scarlett but instead of only landing on her the impact sent Scarlett straight up Ashely's butt.Really wish I could have seen how the rest plays out but I woke up shortly after that.
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Re: The Vore Dream thread (Official)

Postby mrsonic » Mon Apr 22, 2019 7:51 am

DarkestShadow150 wrote:In my dreams It tends to switch from the style of vore (meaning oral, anal, etc.) but it all ends being reformed and creating a relationship with the pred

Sounds like me.
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Weird dream last night

Postby coffeyjohn15 » Thu Apr 25, 2019 9:36 pm

Last night I had a really weird vore themed dream. I was visiting the house of an old college professor of mine. It was someone I actually knew, but I haven't seen them irl for years. Anyhow, he was moving out of state and wanted to know if I wanted some of his old home theater equipment. It was from the 90s and set up for a VCR and had a sizeable collection of tapes to go with it. So I said yes. Later as I was shuffling through the tapes I see one I'd never seen before called Vore Core. Oddly enough it had the Disney logo at the top. It turned out to be a old forgotten 5 episode, live action, mini series. There were 2 tapes in the box and so I put one in and it was a highly graphic adventure about a family of Barbarians in the middle ages trying not to get eaten. Some did. It was graphic. Don't remember much else after one woman being reduced to a skeleton.
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Re: The Vore Dream thread (Official)

Postby pristiciosa » Sun Apr 28, 2019 4:01 am

I dreamed that a friend of mine who wanted to go to a nude beach had a delicious appearance, golden brown as if it were a barbecue rib fresh from the oven and his arms looked like chicken thighs.
I woke up very hungry ... :gulp: :gulp: :gulp: :gulp:
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Re: The Vore Dream thread (Official)

Postby MisterEbony » Wed May 15, 2019 8:23 pm

Not so much vore per se anymore. Did for awhile but mostly when I was younger and not sure what it was. I wrote down the one I rememeber most as a story.

But prep? Thats different. I get a lot of prep dreams, usually where some furry or cute monstergirl is cooking me into pastry. I wished more than once I could type all my dreams up. Id have, like 500 stories easy!
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