your earliest vore fantasy's.

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Re: your earliest vore fantasy's.

Postby ashley_nicole123 » Sat Mar 10, 2012 7:59 pm

ive had vore thoughts since i can remember. i saw a lot of vore in cartoons and started drawing vore pics in the third grade. in the third grade, i also read roald dahl's book the big friendly giant, which was a story about a girl who befriends the only friendly giant in all the land, abd the others are constantly eating people. great book lol i recommend it. after that i imagined giant men coming, taking me from my bed and swallowing me.
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Re: your earliest vore fantasy's.

Postby feastoffriends » Tue Apr 11, 2017 12:37 am

1ring42 wrote:I kid you not they were dreams of me being oral vored by an animal (a wolf, a lioness, a female python and a dragoness are what I remember) And then somehow (which wasn't explained because it was a dream) I would be born as their baby.

I had dreams just like that when I was little, but I think it was only with a whale and an orca, because the whole dream was underwater. I had the same one more than once
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Re: your earliest vore fantasy's.

Postby TastyTales » Tue Apr 11, 2017 1:14 am

I used to draw comics about foxes getting eaten by snakes and dragons. I used to just think they were 'funny', then one day I had my first orgasm while drawing one and things just kind of spiralled from there.
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Re: your earliest vore fantasy's.

Postby RuffledFerret » Tue Apr 11, 2017 2:14 am

When I was a toddler my sisters and I would play hide and seek. One of my favorite places to hide was in the laundry bins built into the shelves in the bathroom, because there were often clothes inside and it was cozy.
At some point I became frightened of the toilet flushing, I guess because it was loud and echoed a lot in my tiny bathroom. My plan for every trip to the bathroom was to open the laundry door, do my business, and, as soon as I flushed the toilet, run and hide in the laundry.
My theory here is that being in a dark, soft, enclosed area; hearing the water swirling down the drain and disappearing; and feeling the vibrations as the roar of the water echoed around the bathroom conjured - through just about every sensation - thoughts of being swallowed or ingested and coming to rest inside a stomach.
After I got over my childhood fears, characters in cartoons/video games getting eaten began to affect me in strange ways~
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Re: your earliest vore fantasy's.

Postby Erastus » Tue Apr 11, 2017 9:22 am

i've been into it about as far back as i can remember, starting with seeing it in things like cartoons and nature shows and in my picture books. early on i didn't do so much dwelling on fantasies as just drawing images/ideas related to vore: hard vore stuff with dragons and dinosaurs, snakes and fish eating whatever their natural prey was, and more cartoony soft-vore stuff with various animal characters. sometimes i would quickly erase the pictures before anyone saw them, because they made me feel funny and i didn't know why. and while i didn't really think or fantasize about it when we weren't playing, there was a lot of vore stuff when i was playing pretend with other kids, too. i was always the bad guy who was some kind of predator trying to eat the other kids (my favorite pretend game, which we did pretty often, involved us being in a school full of anthropomorphic animals and i was the crocodile "bad boy" who would try to eat the other students and menace the teachers lol). my favorite toys were the alligators and sharks with open mouths that i could feed smaller toys to. another frequent pretend thing, when we were playing toys instead of being the characters ourselves, was my plastic snake toy "eating" the others (we would put them on top of its back to simulate them being in its belly because it wasn't hollow to actually put them inside). i also used to put on "puppet shows" with my gloves about a woman who was married to a giant snake who would eat their enemies. sometime around late elementary school i remember writing a story about a giant mosquito attacking a town and eating (drinking??) most of the inhabitants. it was supposed to be a horror story, but my interest in it was a little beyond that...
but if by "fantasies" we're strictly talking about detailed scenarios we imagined in our heads, i didn't really do much sitting and thinking about vore stuff until around middle school, when i was more aware of sexuality and what that "funny feeling" meant. i had made up a character who was part wolf, who had a really voracious appetite. usually that just meant eating ridiculous amounts of food, but i had a couple of fantasies that involved him eating other characters, one in particular i liked to dwell on where the prey was still alive and his brother was trying to talk to him from the outside, which eventually just prompted the wolf guy to eat them both. there was another one involving a shape-shifter who turned into a snake and ate one of the female characters, leaving behind one of her shoes. that one was a favorite for a while. and throughout middle school and high school i continued pumping out "horror stories" that involved, you guessed it, the main "bad guy" protagonist eating people (mostly women, now that i think of it). by that time, i was actively fantasizing about those scenes during my "alone time" and simultaneously trying to convince myself that it wasn't the whole "eating people" thing i was getting off to; there must have been something else about those scenes that i liked so much, or maybe they just happened to pop into my head when i was already feeling that way... :roll: ah, denial~
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Re: your earliest vore fantasy's.

Postby MirceaKitsune » Sat Apr 15, 2017 6:12 pm

Aaaand I will have to once again piss off those who believe that it's ungodly to imagine anything indecent before turning 18... considering that many of my childhood daydreams were such, including my earliest vorish one. I can only remember my first vore daydream very vaguely: I believe I was 3 years old when I had it, but at most I was 5.

All I still know is that it was of a cute anthro dragon, which I saw in a cartoon (I believe my parents had just gotten our first ever color TV). It was your stereotypical cartoony dragon in kid's shows... I think the show itself was about two human babies who were exploring some wonderland of sorts? Anyway I was drawn to imagining this scenario where I'd visit this gentle dragon in his cave, and he'd swallow me up! I'd just sit and play around in his belly, which was more like a red rubbery waterside (in my mind). Then I'm pretty sure I'd slide out through his butt :D It wasn't long that I started imagining similar scenarios with many other cartoon furries... only with more NSFW elements added to the mix.

Like I always say, I've no idea how I knew even the bit of anatomy I knew at the time... as I remember it was mysteriously accurate, and I imagined bellies very close to how they actually are! Only mistake was that I didn't know living beings have intestines, so I used to think their tailholes were directly connected to their stomachs... making possible some normally impossible vore scenarios, where you'd easily slip in and out right through :P
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Re: your earliest vore fantasy's.

Postby DragonPrey3200 » Thu Apr 20, 2017 4:49 pm

When I was around 6-7, I had a decently sized hollow shark toy(Like this: ... 4u/$_1.JPG) and I had a tendency of trying to "feed" my G.I. Joes to it. I managed to get one in, and I could never get it back out. He was doomed to spend the rest of his days inside a cramped plastic shark's stomach. I've had quite a few vore fantasies since then, and (this might be off topic) I remember times where I encountered vore in games that I had no idea it was in. I was playing Ratchet and Clank a few years into knowing about my interest, and everything was going fine...until I saw the Blarg Space Station advertisement, in which a scientist got eaten(and presumably swallowed whole) by a space mutant, and I proceeded to not attack them at all, in the hopes that they would eat me too. They never did. Dammit.

Then there's the time I first saw the gulp worm death animation in Resident Evil: Code Veronica( at 0:34). I was actively trying to repress my vorarephilia at that point(2011 or 2012, I think), so when I saw that death animation, even though my inner voraphile loved it, my "normal" side said no and I shut the game off then and there. Then, back in 2014, I was playing Resident Evil DS and I tried fighting the Neptune in the aqua center. It ended up swallowing Jill in a few gulps.( at 3:54). I immediately shut my DS, being startled by that, and thinking to myself "That was NOT vore. Stop it." And I tried playing more, but I was too bothered by the death animation that played into my "fucked up little fetish". until a few months ago, I tried to ignore that I even had a fetish, let alone one this weird, but I've decided to just accept that I'm weird and move on. It has really lifted a judgmental weight off my shoulders.
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Re: your earliest vore fantasy's.

Postby Ruthborn » Fri Apr 21, 2017 3:09 am

My earliest vore fantasies revolved around vampires and succubi back when I was a horny teen/pre-teen.
I loved how the preds would entice the victim before eating them. Seducing and arousing them to either get their blood flowing or to loosen/open their soul before clamping down and sucking out their life force. The victim thrashing underneath them was always an exciting image that stuck with me.

Some of my hardest cums as a kid was to the fantasy of my soul being drawn into my privates, whereapon I would lean back and willingly shoot my essence into the gullet of whatever monster I had envisioned was sucking me; fantasising that I was shooting my soul out for them to eat.
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Re: your earliest vore fantasy's.

Postby IEatYouWhole » Fri Apr 21, 2017 3:54 am

i think my earliest vore fantasies started when i was 6 after my accident :P because of the accident, i could open my mouth wider than normal, so I tried to fit my barbie down my throat, I nearly swallowed it, only had its arms and head sticking out my mouth, but then my mum knocked on the door and I choked and accidentally threw it up, my mum thought i was sick XD so i got a day off school the next day :3 after that I kept trying to swallow anything small, marbles, pennies, my aunties ornament egg and my barbie again XD, though when the bigger stuff got stuck, I had to go to hospital and get it removed :P turns out I could get it out, i just needed a small mechanical claw thing :P then my mum made me wear a muzzle of sorts as I was basically a danger to myself :P I still do it all now and have swallowed everything I did again, but this time I can actually release it :3
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