Who have you told about your Vore fetish in Real Life?

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Who have you told about your Vore fetish in Real Life?

Postby SomeGuy1294 » Thu Dec 27, 2012 5:09 am

For me, vore is something I prefer to keep rather private. I have told only two people: my best friend, and my old girlfriend, the latter of whom I introduced to our little community.

So, I was wondering.... how private are you about you fetish?
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Re: Who have you told about your Vore fetish in Real Life?

Postby CharlieC » Thu Dec 27, 2012 5:35 am

Nobody. And I honestly don't see this changing, because I'm absolutely paranoid about what might happen if the people in my life found out or, worse, read the kind of stories I write in my free time.
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Re: Who have you told about your Vore fetish in Real Life?

Postby Humbug » Thu Dec 27, 2012 5:45 am

My immediate family knows, and so does a friend I told (whom I no longer really talk to) because we were just discussing kinks and such and it came up. Otherwise, there hasn't been much of a reason to tell anyone else, so I haven't. It's a need-to-know basis.
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Re: Who have you told about your Vore fetish in Real Life?

Postby Ranger » Thu Dec 27, 2012 5:54 am

When I first came across vore (and therefore found out what it was that I'd been fascinated by my whole life), I told my brother, because I just really wanted to talk to someone about it. Over the course of the next few years, he'd ended up mentioning it to our friends, and after a few days of awkward looks they eventually just didn't mind at all, since I kept it to myself anyway. To them I was still the guy they knew before this weird fact.

Nowadays, I'm not really too worried about someone finding out. I mean, I don't go openly doodling or looking up vore stuff in public places, or parade around announcing it to everyone I meet, but my FA Gallery and the like are publicly viewable and under my actual name, so it's not like I'm really hiding it either. Outside of the internet though, I still keep it personal and only let someone know if I feel they need to, or they've shared something personal with me that would have taken a lot of courage to admit.

But, in all honesty, if someone's going to let a little personal fact like that get in the way of things, then I really don't see why I should waste my time with them :P

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Re: Who have you told about your Vore fetish in Real Life?

Postby Marked » Thu Dec 27, 2012 5:58 am

Ditto on my immediate family, I 'came out' to them just once and never brought it up again, but they were accepting of it. My fiancee also knows, only fair as I know all his little kinks, and there is enough overlap to make things a lot of fun. I also told an ex-girlfriend and her reaction was that vore was "cute"... whatever that means...

I went as far as to tell one of my close friends I was into furry stuff, but didn't go as far as telling them about my vore kink. I have also covertly brought up vore around some other friends, and while they don't suspect it's a fetish of mine, their reaction has not quite been as nice as with other people I've told. I had one friend tell me to my face she couldn't be friends with me if I was into that kind of thing... so yeah, a little bit of a mixed bag.

I say absolutely tell your mate about it, family and friends are a case by case basis.
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Re: Who have you told about your Vore fetish in Real Life?

Postby nakourou » Thu Dec 27, 2012 6:23 am

My mate Kalnareff is kinda loud about it, thankfully my brother does not seem to care about what he says about vore or notice that he's serious. Silly kal, anyway personally, I keep ALL the fetish and kinks i have to myself and my mate, sexual life is kinda Private life you know.
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Re: Who have you told about your Vore fetish in Real Life?

Postby Asikari » Thu Dec 27, 2012 6:38 am

Honestly? I've only ever told one person. It was my ex who I was at the time deep enough in love with enough to actually tell her considering we were open sexually and shared our fetishes. She was okay with it, and understand she was very understanding and experimental. She teased me about it, Telling me she'd eat me in my sleep, salting me and nomming on my arm, she slowly turned into a voraphile, though from we aren't togieth anymore. She still will tease me when we're around eachother, make me watch her eat, force my head down to listen to her stomach. The problem is now that we don't do that anymore and I've moved on, just afraid to tell the woman I'm with now since we're both still closed about fetishes for the moment, and I'm a bit afraid too considering I find my fetishes to be unsettling, and I love this girl a lot. Anyway that's my answer and two cents.
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Re: Who have you told about your Vore fetish in Real Life?

Postby Veshra » Thu Dec 27, 2012 7:17 am

I told someone once. Emphasis on 'once'. That must have been one of the most awkward things I've ever done, even though they were mostly understanding about it.

That, and of course people who I am absolutely certain share the same.. interests. Oh well, that's one mistake I'm never doing again. Live and learn, I suppose.
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Re: Who have you told about your Vore fetish in Real Life?

Postby blueharv » Thu Dec 27, 2012 7:18 am

Told my current partner (been together 4 years) and she said, and I quote "that's awesome I wish I had a cool fetish like that!" I wouldn't say she finds it ultra sexy but she certainly enjoys it to a degree and winding me up with it... lol mainly when we are having sexy time!!! I'm lucky to have such a sexy little pred. :gulp:
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Re: Who have you told about your Vore fetish in Real Life?

Postby Rac0r » Thu Dec 27, 2012 8:04 am

No one and I'm going to keep it that way :D
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Re: Who have you told about your Vore fetish in Real Life?

Postby CanisLupisVulpe » Thu Dec 27, 2012 8:22 am

Oh boy, this thread again!!!!!11!!!

As I said before, I have no intentions in telling anybody for one reason: it's none of their business.
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Re: Who have you told about your Vore fetish in Real Life?

Postby soline » Thu Dec 27, 2012 9:46 am

Oh hey look, this thread again!

No one. Because it's a FETISH, in exactly the same way I've not told anyone about my fetish for fisting.

Seriously people, all these stories about how awkward and weird and unpleasant your 'coming out' has been? Want to know -why- it's always awkward? Because you're discussing your FETISHES, it would be equally awkward if you 'came out' about having a fetish for pony buttplugs and whipping. Funny how you don't do -that- though isn't it?

I appreciate some people try and turn it into a lifestyle, and I appreciate the behaviour of the most outspoken part of the furry community may have managed to convince you otherwise, or that the fact it's kept 'secret' may make you draw parallels with being Gay. This just isn't true. You like vore? I assume you still have preferences on men or women yes? whether you are straight or 'in the closet' about being gay is something entirely different to your fetishes. Stop trying to accommodate being furry or a vore with the same "I need to 'come out' about this and admit it, it'll feel good to be honest!", it's NOT the same thing, and it's not normal to spout your fetishes at people or family, I -love- tattoos, it's a full-blown fetish, they turn me on (when done right etc etc) and think they make people look particularly attractive. This is a fetish, it doesn't affect the genders I like, and I don't 'only' want to date tattooed people, in exactly the same way furries don't only want to date anthropomorphic animals (well, 99% don't). Yes vore and furry is a much bigger fetish, there are fur-conventions and vore-cons (I assume), this means nothing, there are cosplay cons and sci-fi cons too, but you don't 'come out' about liking to dress up like DovahKiin, or masturbating to pictures of Spock each night.

We come out, about things we've actually been -hiding-. Gays pretend to be straight to avoid abuse and hatred, so they come out. Geeks can come out too (negating my above example I know), if they've spent their lives pretending to be a football and racing fan for their redneck dad. You can't 'come out' as a vore or furry, because you've not been pretending not to be, you just haven't told people you are, because frankly people don't care,and don't want to know. I don't care what jimmy from next door is into sexually, and if he told me, it would be awkward -whatever- he said, because he's telling me his sexual fantasies.

Every time I see some prat in a fursuit on a talk show or tv programme talking about 'being a furry', it makes me -extremely- uncomfortable, feel awkward, and embarrassed to be associated with the fetish. Why? Because they're trying to put themselves on a par with the homosexual or other oppressed sexual differences, when in reality they just have an odd fetish, it's not that you're hiding or concealing yourself, it's just that no one cares or wants to know. How uncomfortable would you feel if you flicked on the news and the anchorlady was talking to a mostly naked person dressed in buckles and black leather, with a leather cap, riding crop on and talking about how they're 'fisters' who love fisting? Better question, how would you feel if you don't share the fetish. That feeling, that 'what...the fuck are you telling me for', that awkwardness and uncomfortable silence and the "Okay.......aaannnd our next story!" that the news reporters -always- pull so very quickly whenever they have to cover furries, is exactly how the whole world feels when you 'come out' to people. It's not 'wrong' for you to have a fetish, it's wrong for you to try and tell others about it inappropriately.

Proof of concept? The people you can tell. Friends, drunken friends, your cat, when it actually comes up in conversation. I've brought up vore once or twice, because it's been a discussion of fetishes or kinks, and it's been -appropriate- to talk sexual fetishes with people. and the response has been fine, people have reacted to it exactly like I did when my friend told me about his love of stabbing his testicles with needles, or when my other friend told me how hot she finds black girls. (cringing and teasing respectively).

More proof of concept? look back over the (fucking hundreds now) posts of exactly the same nature 'I came out to such and such' posts, and you'll see a pretty consistent pattern. 'Coming out' to long term partners? Always works out fine. Coming out to very close friends, always has "it was awkward for awhile, but they're still here and accept me, oh I'm so lucky to have such understanding friends and feel so silly for being worried now!" or, coming out to parents or just about -anyone- you meet, which will -always- come up with "That was.....yeah I'm never doing that again.". There's a very good reason for this. SO's, -want- to know your fetishes, they want to know how to turn you on and tease you and everything about you, exactly the same as you want to know -their- fetishes, of -course- they're gonna be pleased to learn about it, whether they like vore as well or not. Close friends are close. Fucking. Friends, of course they're gonna stay your friends, but they're still only friends, and for a few days they'll be thinking "What the hell...why did SomeGuy tell me about their weird kink?...are they coming on to me?...shit..I thought we were just friends! uh...uh oh...crap what the hell? wait...no...it's been a few days....no?...o...okay? I guess...maybe they were just drunk and forgot to keep it private?". And your parents, unsurprisingly, are your parents, you don't want to know what mum and dad get up to when the lights go off in their room, and they -really- don't want to know what their babies are doing with their netherbits.

Now please...PLEASE can we put an outright ban on these threads? they do nothing but convince -others- they're also in a closet...I'm tempted actually now to make a thread asking Eka to do that...
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Re: Who have you told about your Vore fetish in Real Life?

Postby blooberbloob » Thu Dec 27, 2012 9:48 am

I'm very private about it, and only a few people know. Basically, a few of my friends know, and one of them... well, isn't really a close friend.

Also, I should learn to keep my mouth shut.
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Re: Who have you told about your Vore fetish in Real Life?

Postby kelenkenwithfangs » Thu Dec 27, 2012 10:45 am

Well I found out about vore at the same time as my college friends, in the same room, through a "random article" search on wikipedia. I was leaning back on a stool, and after reading the opening line which basically described every deep dark private thought I'd ever had in my life partially aloud so people could hear... The stool legs slipped and I fell back and hit my head hard on the floor.

Being slightly confused and at the same time terrified ten people would find out my "mental sickness" I crawled to the computer and desperately tried to find "X" with the mouse, despite having my vision replaced by flashing lights at this point.

...And so my reaction caused suspicions which I denied for a few weeks then just thought; "fuck it" and opened up. And nobody hardly ever mentioned it again. :-D

Buuut, before I knew what vore was; I also told my parents when I was suffering depression because I was scared off my "people-being-eaten" fantasies... And that had negative although subtle consequences. Ie. My mother now always acts as if it was her fault I'm sick-minded, and also seems wary of me at all times... The worst part is how she suddenly treated me differently, however subtle.
My dad however didn't see any significance at all and doesn't see it as a big deal.
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Re: Who have you told about your Vore fetish in Real Life?

Postby didhejustsaythat » Thu Dec 27, 2012 10:45 am

honestly i've only told 6 of the seven girls that i've had sex with. but that's just because i feel if im sexually active with them more than twice it's an honesty thing. :)
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Re: Who have you told about your Vore fetish in Real Life?

Postby Scaleyvore » Thu Dec 27, 2012 11:26 am

My mother knows and all my friends, tho I told my mother, my friends found out by other unacceptable means
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Re: Who have you told about your Vore fetish in Real Life?

Postby NezumiNom » Thu Dec 27, 2012 11:47 am

not really, anways. I remember when I was very little, like 6 or whatever(I rememebr it was at least before then because le parents were not divorced yet), I tried to explain to them that I was into that kinda thing(although I also didn't know it was even called 'vore'). They didnt really respond other than the simple "oh, it's just our little kid talking silly and derpy like".I still decided not to tell anyone after anyways, cuz it seemed so weird.
Currently, with my partner...I...I just don't even know what we have going on. He knows what vore is and says he has a friend who is into it, but says he himself is definitely not and finds it kinda awkward and disgusting. So of course I haven't told him. Although we've got this weird kinda thing going on, like we're secretly testing each other to see if that's true or not, or something...or maybe I'm just being paranoid and conspiracy-theorist-like as usual. But when I do tell him, I don't think it'll be some kinda 'coming out' thing. That's just ridiculous. I'm not gonna treat it like it's some socially awkward thing like homosexuality or something. I really agree with the super long rant above by soline on that aspect. So no one. I've told no one. No one needs to know, anyways, right?
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Re: Who have you told about your Vore fetish in Real Life?

Postby 4ofSwords » Thu Dec 27, 2012 1:27 pm

Yup, definitely this topic again.

I know a number of people who have written already have been around the block with this topic a few times and come to a strongly-held opinion, but our membership at this site isn't static, and new people come in all the time, still needing to deal with questions like this. Searching the archive just doesn't cut it for the same reason that browsing the old art archive doesn't occupy me more than looking at the new art that comes in. Requests to ban this topic are, in my opinion, unkind and unfair to people who are still relatively new.

And I don't think the answer of who a person should tell is really that clear cut - it's really situational. There's no rational way to say either that people should always keep it as a closely-guarded secret, or that they shouldn't hesitate to shout it from the rooftop. Society is constantly in flux, and just as it's become much more acceptable to be openly gay within the last few generations, being openly sexual is becoming more common (again) now, and an openness in fetishes is part and parcel of that. For someone old like me, it seems uncomfortably vulnerable (and a lot to put on another person) to tell anyone about sexual details that aren't typical; that's really less and less the case with people fifteen or twenty years younger. It's not surprising that a lot of younger people have told most of their boyfriends or girlfriends, and I don't think it's 'stupid' either - it's just a cultural shift (and the kind of shift that is encouraged, it seems, by discussion like this).

For my own part, my response is much like Humbug's - it's on a need to know basis. I've mentioned it to my wife and she's made it abundantly clear that she doesn't need to know and would prefer not to, but it's fine otherwise - so I don't push it on her. I've told a couple of friends, and they've essentially just filed it away as another peculiar detail about a peculiar person - much as I file away things they've told about me. I'm not going to advertise the fact not -so- much because I'm concerned that other people might judge me (they've already got plenty of rope to hang me by, and I'll give them more if they want it), but because most people just don't want to or need to know. And that's fine. If I was in a dating scene where my partners -did- want to know about my peculiarities, then I'd figure they -did- need to know, and I'd be happy to tell them, even if the conversation might be admittedly awkward at first.

Just because fetishes don't affect gender preference, though, doesn't mean they're qualitatively different from homosexuality. As far as I can tell, people choose their fetishes just as much as they do their gender preferences (that is to say, the level of choice is all across the board from no choice to all choice depending on the individual). The issue with "coming out" and "closeted" homosexuality is that homosexuals were actually victimized for being homosexual. If that happens to furs and fetishists (and they're not hurting anybody themselves), I see absolutely no difference between the two. That said, I don't think that level of victimization exists. The difference, though, isn't qualitative - it's contextual. There's nothing qualitatively different about being flamboyantly fetishy and flamboyantly gay - if they come across as obnoxious, it's for the same reason. One is just further along the social curve than the other. Sexuality isn't just gender-preference plus accessories - it's one big mishmash of hundreds of different attributes that defy categorization more than we usually give them credit for.

Mark my words (I say as I shake my fist at the sky Cassandra-like) - you'll see people (kids) listing their fetishes openly on places like facebook within 15 years, and we'll be arguing about public nudity instead and whether it's "decent".
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Re: Who have you told about your Vore fetish in Real Life?

Postby Kibstaar » Thu Dec 27, 2012 1:38 pm

I just recently told my best friend. The reason was that I just couldn't keep it a secret anymore. It was painful to hold something that big inside of me for 7 years without ever speaking with anyone about it. My friend took it as well as you can hope for anyone to take it. He basically just said "Well that explains why a great good looking guy like you is single". This really made me think about my fetish from a totally different point of view. In the past I used to hate myself and feel ashamed about this side of me. It never left me quite alone. I had decided never to even think about dating a woman because then I'd have to tell her. Also the fact that I'm not aroused by sex is something I'm notcomfortable with and I believe it may ruin some relationships. But now that I've spoken with one girl, my best friend and my family I've really accepted myself a lot better. Now I'm ready to go and give it a shot with some girl. I'm ready to fall in love and be loved. Even if the relationship fails because of my fetish it's just one girl. I don't care. I'm funny, handsome, polite and a great listener. If that's not enough for a girl let it be so! I also want to thank this community for letting me know I'm not alone! Thank you all and trust me. It's best to tell someone. Just think about who that someone should be.
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Re: Who have you told about your Vore fetish in Real Life?

Postby Lum_the_mad » Thu Dec 27, 2012 1:40 pm

I've actually told several people about it, simply because it's come up in conversations a few times. In the case of my sister she just has a thing where she is always consumed by burning curiosity and would drive me crazy until I told her... and she's my older sister :| However she was totally fine with it, even though I felt like a monster for liking vore at the time. From then on I didn't feel so bad about having this fetish... it's weird certainly, but it's not like I'd actually go out and eat somebody, or feed myself or someone to a giant snake.

From there my brother in law, who's with my sister found out about it, and he was probably the one who felt the most awkward about it. Namely because I had been looking at some pornographic vore on my computer, and little did I know the window behind me was reflecting my computer screen at him ^^; So if anyone, he's probably the one least okay with it of those I've confessed this to, and he doesn't even really care that much.

Then my dad was talking about a cracked article that he thought was hilaaaaarious, about people with really weird kinks, and he hadn't even known Vore WAS a fetish. Then my brother in law being the delightful little fellow that he was pointed out that I had a vore fetish, and my dad was like ... o_O Really? ... Really? And I was like "Sh-shut up!" >_<

But he was okay with it, I mean people have weird kinks, and that's okay. As long as they don't start trying to pester people with their kinks, I think it's totally fine. Otherwise I've told dozens of people on the internet, and they've never really had a problem with it either. It's just a weird kink really. I think the only time you run into problems is when you come across people who've had trauma about things like it, like if they were mauled by a bear. Or perhaps if they're just prudish... So there you have it.
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