cat-girl vore story

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cat-girl vore story

Postby llamabob35 » Tue Jan 16, 2007 12:19 pm

this is a story i wrote one night about a hungry cat-girl who eats lots of tiny people,
hope you enjoy it, and leave some feed back to tell me what you think

kaylee, a 19 year old cat-girl was driving home one night, when she heard a loud grumble, coming from her stomach. "Oh, I need to get something to eat, quick" she said as she started looking for a place to eat. after another minute or so, she pulled into a restaurant and drove up to the drive-threw. "Hi, welcome to Tinies-in-the-Box, can i take your order?" the voice in the menu screen asked. Kaylee looked at the menu and said, "hmmm...I'm extra hungry tonight. Let me get two of the 50 piece McTinies and a large coke." "would you like those fried or squirmy?" the voice replied" kaylee said, "squirmy, please" "ok, that'll be $5.97" the voice replied. kaylee drove up to the window, paid, and took the buckets of McTinies.
kaylee's belly let out another growl of hunger..., "ok, ok, i no." she looked over and pulled up of a tiny section of the lid to one of the buckets. she saw the tiny squirming people and said, "mmmmm, i can't wait to get home so i can eat you all!!" she closed the lid and continued home. Ten minutes later, she arrived at her house, grabbed the buckets and her drink and frantically ran inside.
kaylee sat down on her couch and placed the buckets next to her. she pulled the lid off and tossed it aside, "man, am i ready for some food!" kaylee said as she reached in and picked up the first tiny person. she grabbed him by the leg and raised him to her mouth. the tiny man was frantically struggling to get away from the hungry girl. "Please don't eat me, i don't want to die!" he shouted as kaylee dropped him into her mouth. a muffled cry could be heard through her closed lips, which was soon silenced as she chewed up and swallowed the little man.
the cat -girl grabbed several more tiny people, chewing and swallowing in a non-stop motion, until she got the idea to try swallowing one whole and alive. at first, she was afraid she could choke, but kaylee being part cat, curiosity got the best of her. she plucked a tiny woman from the bucket. she placed the her on her tongue and the tiny girl scream in horror as her helpless body was pulled into kaylee's mouth. kaylee then swallowed hard, sending the still living girl down into her throat and then into the slimy pink pit of her stomach. kaylee then decided she would eat the rest of the tiny people this way. she picked them up one at a time and slowly swallowed them into her expanding belly.
fifteen minutes later, kaylee had finished the first bucket, and her belly was bulging out from her shirt and hanging over the top of her pants. she let out a small burp and then took a sip of her coke. she laughed at the thought of the tiny people in her stomach being showered with the soda. then kaylee leaned over to get the second bucket from the table. kaylee pulled the lid back and picked up a handful of people. "i wonder if i can swallow all six of them at once?" she thought to herself, the tiny people all were screaming, "no, please don't, we don't want to be eaten!!!" kaylee looked down and replied, "well, that’s just too bad, because I’m still hungry." she then dropped all of them in her mouth and swallowed hard. the group of tinies was slowly squeezed down her slimy throat, and then landed in her stomach with a loud slosh.
kaylee looked at the clock and said, "oh wow, it's getting late, i should go to bed soon" she picked up another handful of people and swallowed without any chewing. she ate for another ten minutes until the bucket was empty. she let out another loud burp, and said, "wow, that was delicious, now, time to get ready for bed." kaylee walked into her bedroom and closed the door. she pulled off her shirt and bra. then pulled down her blue jeans, leaving only her red thong. kaylee then slipped her fingers in the string and pulled it from her butt crack. she slipped on a pair of pantines and some old pants and an oversized t-shirt, then laid down on the bed. kaylee lifted the shirt over her belly and placed her hand on top of it. soft gurgling and churning sounds could be heard coming from her belly. she rubbed her bulging gut and burped once again. kaylee rolled over on her side as a loud groan came from deep within her belly, "Ohh, i think i ate too much 'cause I’ve got real bad indigestion."
over the next few hours, kaylee laid awake as the pain in her stomach continued and the tiny people she had eaten were being slowly digested. finally, after enduring several hours of agony, the pain in kaylee's stomach seized and she slowly drifted off too sleep. as she fell into a deeper and deeper sleep, the, now liquid contents of kaylee's stomach began to pass into her small intestine.
as she slept, kaylee's large meal continued to be slowly passed through her small intestine, her body absorbing what it could, and the rest was then pushed into her large intestine. Her body squeezed the wad of mush through kaylee's colon and closer to it's final destination.
the next morning, kaylee awoke to the sound of birds outside her window. she climbed out of bed and walked to the window sill. she looked out at the birds and then felt her belly start to bubble she placed one hand on her still protruding love handles and said, "ooh, man those people gave me gas!" she leaned forward and let out several loud farts, which were followed by the entry of last night's meal into her rectum. kaylee headed for the bathroom, but before she could arrive, the phone rang. "damn it" she called out as she walked to the phone.
"hello?" she answered. it was her friend from down the street, macy. macy began this long, never ending tale about her plans for the weekend, when kaylee's bowels let out a loud gurgle. "Hey macy, I’m gonna have to call you back, ok?" "but, why?" macy replied. kaylee let out a sigh of aggravation, "...because, i have to take a dump, is that a good enough reason for you?" before macy could answer, kaylee hung up the phone and headed for the bathroom again.
she stopped in front of the toilet and turned around, she pulled down her pants and panties, and sat down on the toilet. kaylee leaned forward and sighed. she started to push and a little fart escaped her butt. after another minute, the first of her poop was poking out. kaylee pushed harder and the turd slowly slid from her anus. after another five minutes, kaylee's poop fell into the toilet with a loud splash. she laughed a little when she thought of the remains of the tiny people who were in her poop. she then started to push as the second turd had reached her anus. she pushed hard and another big piece of digested McTinies fell from her butt with a splash.
a moment later, kaylee felt some more poop slip into her rectum, "oh, this one's gonna take a while, i can tell it's big." and she was right, after five minutes of pushing, only the tip of this turd had poked from her butt. she pushed harder and harder until the last of her meal had been pooped out.
after kaylee had finished pooping, she wiped her butt and flushed away all evidence that she had ever eaten at Tinies-in-the-Box.
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Re: cat-girl vore story

Postby Amatsu » Tue Jan 16, 2007 2:26 pm

It could use some work, but it's not that bad. Some points you could consider:
1.Use 'know' instead of 'no' when it's needed.
2.Proper capitalization. I's are supposed to be capitalized for sure.
3.Names are capitalized as well.
Other then that, keep it up.
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Re: cat-girl vore story

Postby llamabob35 » Tue Jan 16, 2007 2:52 pm

thanks for the advice, I know my grammar really sucks, but I'll try to do better
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Re: cat-girl vore story

Postby Shinnigami » Tue Jan 16, 2007 4:03 pm

One other thing I thought about it. It seemed kinda rushed. There wasn't too much detail about eathing the people, like them squirming in her stomach or anything, jsut sort of like she ate them and got a huge stomach and gas. Be a bit more descriptive, and that would produce an overall greater effect on the reader.

Other than that, please keep it up. Despite the lack of detail, I thought it was very good.
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Re: cat-girl vore story

Postby hersnack » Tue Jan 16, 2007 4:28 pm

I like giantess vore, but I enjoyed the story. I can easily make Kaylee a Giantess rather then a Cat Girl in my mind. Perhaps more of a physical description of Kaylee would have helped. Overall, I liked the story . Thanks
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Re: cat-girl vore story

Postby llamabob35 » Tue Jan 16, 2007 5:08 pm

Thanks for your posts everybody, now that I know some of the things I could improve on, I'll probably go back and re-write this story before I write anything new. I'll be sure to keep in mind everyones thoughts and hopefully I can make the story a little better.

Also, I wish I could be able to do illistrations for this story, but I'm not very well talented at drawing, so if anyone would like to do some drawings for the story, send me a PM and I'll give you the "ok" to do so.
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